66G20 China program involves five aspects of will push the world’s first investment guidance ru|G20 China program involves five aspects of will push the world’s first investment guidance ru8

G20 "China scheme" involves five aspects:   will push the world’s first investment guidelines – Finance – people.com.cn original title: G20 "Chinese scheme" involves five aspects will push the world’s first investment guidelines director Su Shiyu: the group of twenty (G20) leaders of the eleventh summit held countdown "Chinese plan" highly anticipated. G20 summit will focus on the construction of innovation, vitality, linkage, inclusive of the world economy as the theme, for China’s economic development has brought immeasurable opportunities. In the reporter Su Shiyu of the group of twenty (G20) leaders of the eleventh summit of the countdown, meeting is expected to strengthen the construction of trade and investment mechanism, increase the international trade cooperation, bring new energy for the development of global trade. It is reported that the G20 summit is an informal forum to promote the industrialized countries and emerging market countries is an important problem of the international economy, monetary policy and financial system to carry out a constructive and open dialogue. Zhejiang University of Finance and economics department director Wen Yanbing told the "Securities Daily" reporter said, at present, Chinese around the use of expanded SDR enhanced the global financial safety net, promoting IMF quota and governance reform, improve the sovereign debt restructuring mechanism and improve the monitoring and management of capital flows and put forward a series of proposals, five aspects therefore, G20 will put the "Chinese scheme" in the five aspects worth looking forward to. Shanghai vice president Xiao Benhua FTA Institute letter Accounting Institute of Finance under the "Securities Daily" reporter said, in today’s international economy is still not out of the shadow of the crisis and uncertainty in the context of increasing trade and investment protectionism is on the rise, "G20 China scheme" is the biggest contribution to the use of Chinese international status. The coordination of developed and developing countries from the perspective of the interests of the global economic governance, to promote global trade and investment liberalization Chinese contribution. "The G20 summit in Hangzhou not only through the improvement of Global trade and investment environment and promote China’s trade and investment development, more important is to develop Chinese to actively participate in the new rules of international trade, has important significance for the long-term development of Chinese investment trade." Xiao Benhua told reporters. University of International Business and Economics, University of International Relations, Dr. Zhao Yang said that China hopes to promote the summit of the world to carry out inclusive cooperation, and promote the healthy development of Global trade and investment. This China at the summit will promote the development of the global investment rules, and this will be the world’s first global multilateral framework specification for investment behavior, has important significance to strengthen policy coordination between countries in terms of investment. "The Belt and Road" development, director Jing Linbo China evaluation center of Social Sciences Academy of Social Sciences Chinese told the "Securities Daily" said in an interview with reporters, hope G20 meeting, China and the trading partners can work together to support the introduction of the steady growth of foreign trade policy measures, especially to promote the "The Belt and Road" world trade growth fight against trade protectionism, promote the steady recovery in international trade. Xu Hongcai, Minister of economic research, China International Economic Exchange Center

57Panda vault debut Internet Conference in the world, in the end what – Sohu Technology|Panda vault debut Internet Conference in the world, in the end what – Sohu Technology6

Panda vault debut Internet Conference in the world, in the end what? Sohu Technology Wen Li East held recently in Zhejiang town of Wuzhen World Internet Conference kicked off, as a global Internet industry once a year organized by the government of the summit, the World Conference on the Internet it is nevertheless, to be invited to attend the world internet conference basically means that access to the industry and users, the Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu, Jingdong such as the Internet giant since Needless to say, LETV, drops and other Internet upstart will be full debut. And this year, the world Internet Conference will be synchronized during the light of the Internet expo. According to understand, there will be about 300 in the past few years to obtain rapid development or innovative technological achievements of outstanding domestic and foreign Internet Co unveiled. Among them, the most obvious is the establishment of a year under the Chinese financial technology start-up companies invited to participate in the panda vault. So, why panda vault can be invited to participate in the world Internet Conference, behind this mean? East may wish to interpret the analysis: why the panda vault can be invited to participate in the World Conference of the Internet? First of all, to participate in the World Conference of the Internet Internet light Expo Internet company’s purpose is to show the global domestic Internet development achievements or the latest achievements in technological innovation, which is also the most basic request of the selected. The panda vault can stand out among the many Internet startups, apparently with its own breakthrough in product and technology innovation has made great progress since its inception. We see that as a financial technology start-up company, panda vault and no duplication after many Internet financial companies with a high rate of return as the main selling point, to attract users to make the investment blindly old, but the delineation of the target user groups for their young users, and through science comics to the users the popularization of financial knowledge, enhance the user risk awareness, so that young users can treat investment in this matter more healthy mentality; at the same time, the panda vault through the introduction of interest financial products, allowing users to experience pleasure in finance and investment. And based on the above two aspects of product innovation, so that the panda vault to win the reputation of young users, the formation of snowball style user growth, so unique in the industry. Secondly, the country called Inclusive Finance, panda vault has a strong benchmark significance. The government relaxed policies to encourage and support, Internet banking is the most fiery entrepreneurial field for the past few years, the industry which not only the emergence of ant gold clothing, such as giant Jingdong financial background Unicorn company, but also attracted the traditional companies involved, some start-up Internet Co with a unique A new force suddenly rises. product concept. However, since 2016, with the homogenization of competition, and tighter industry regulation, the Internet financial industry development has encountered "cold", the number of platforms dropped, the overall industry decline appeared in the case. Panda vault as a start-up company, in the industry suffered adversity when it has been an amazing growth rate. At the end of 3 2016.