1 people fix thousands of students at the school have what spring Shen master skills on TV recently show a lot of delicacy chef, cooking is not the master, is the brightest star, but no one show delicacy than yesterday morning the chef skills contest, can attract the attention of parents. Because the competitor is uniform campus chefs, they each have to do every day thousands of students for children to eat good, absolutely is the parents are most concerned about. This game is one of Hangzhou city under the education system "tongue on campus" series of activities kicked off yesterday in the city of Hangzhou Zhongce occupation school, from the 12 campus chef selected the debut, they were from 12 different schools and kindergartens. The competition order and two dividers of innovative food cooking competition. Provisions of food than the link Home Dishes – wok for 20 minutes, shredded meat, knife work, heat test of both chefs, through simple homemade dishes chefs to understand and reflect the level of cooking. Creative food is the scene to provide the appropriate raw materials, the players choose their own collocation, creative cooking, the provisions of the time for 40 minutes. In order to ensure the authority of the contest, specially invited by Chinese culinary masters, Zhongce occupation school cooking minister Gong Zhiqiang and other professional judges. Spring school chef Shen Rongtao served a plate of Squirrel Fish, an expert knife on the praise, called the deep foundation, and tastes good, unanimously elected as the first prize. The chef also have expertise. Sailing school chef Chen Wenlong, only 26 years old this year, is the youngest chef, he made a spicy chicken, on the table was a few judges that fancy, creative, unlimited potential. Modern experimental primary school chef Zhu although is the last one to serve, but he did just get Braised pork in brown sauce review room, have to observe the teacher quipped: "can a bowl of white Steamed Rice?" Because it is too sweet, we all want to eat. Campus chefs ability is not only fine knife temperature, stability, taste good, the reporter found that they have a common point is fast. Wok cooking shredded meat prescribed time is 20 minutes, the game started 6 minutes, five village Zhaohui kindergarten chef Hao Lanying, has finished dish; to 10 minutes, all the players have done. This let the judges have be taken by surprise: "early know, you can burn two vegetable." This efficiency is practiced in peacetime work. Many thousands of people in the school cafeteria, a chef, chef, collocation of four or five washing and cutting vegetables assistant, responsible for the school lunch. Because thousands of people dining at the same time, the amount of food would have fired on the large, but also to ensure that fresh, not every pot discharging time interval is too long, or it will be cold, action quick ah! Students should ensure that the health of the meal, the objective should be used to a certain time, but also requires quick action chef. In front of the fast Hao Lanying, spend a lot of time to clean up the stove, rub, wash, wash dishes, wash cloth cutter (at least two times). Reporter noticed that her health more than cooking time. Female chef, male chefs. Anji experimental school chef Zhou Jian, every day for 1000 students cooking lunch, from the distribution center.相关的主题文章: