Arts-and-Entertainment January 10, according to the press in Argentina, "horn" message, the former Argentina coach Diego Maradona is expected in February in the Premier League with the Cheap Soccer Jersey back in it. Maradona admits in an interview in February he went to London, where he listened to the two Premiership clubs of the details of the contract as coach. "Tentatively in February, I went to London, where he heard the offer of contract for two clubs, if I can pass, then become the new coach of that team." This is Maradona pull himself confirmed in an interview. As in the end that two clubs, Maradona refuses to talk. However, according to "Horn reported that," said Maradona to go to the farmers is the recent Fulham. November 22, Maradona has appeared Craven Cottage Stadium, and personally witness the battle of Fulham and Manchester City. Carlos Tevez with the Premier League Soccer Kit scored twice in the results on the ground, Fulham 1-4 home defeat against Manchester City, Fulham from the drop after losing unfortunately fall into the circle. Fulham is currently ranked 14th in the league, but not in the relegation zone, but only two points more than the vice team West Ham, he crossed to 21 wins achievement is bad negative 7 April 1910 around, the media hot ball drop accepted equipment that is intended to Maradona in charge of Fulham pointer reasons. According to reports in British with the Man Utd Jerseys Soccer media, 18 Villa valuation of the league is also a potential team coach Diego Maradona, the state this season, Villa have been poor since the poor record of 5 wins and 10 losses 6. Despite Maradona’s two teams and in the mouth is not a secret, and now the media exposure, but Maradona said: "Actually I have no hurry in the mountains, but I still firmly believe that someday return walking in the coach’s job. Maradona led Argentina to World Cup with the Manchesterunited Jersey Soccer played in South Africa with blood, but by then formed from the German team, Maradona’s charisma and teaching ability have been recognized. After the World Cup, Argentina and Maradona soccer contract was originally intended, but to control the forces of the team coach Diego Maradona, and Maradona refused to join his coaching staff can not be inserted in the stranger, the Main results Maradona collapse, according to Argentina Football Association, only after Batista took the official coach Argentina’s national team interim coach of the scene by scene. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: