Reference-and-Education Driving Test "" Presenting a Suitable Vehicle The driving test can be a nervous time for both pupil and instructor. When presenting a pupil for test with one of the driving schools in Nottingham it is the responsibility of the driving instructor to ensure that the vehicle being used is fit for purpose. This article gives advice on what to look for to avoid test cancellation. When a pupil has completed their driving lessons in Nottingham they will probably wish to use the instructor’s car for the driving test. They are used to driving the car and parents are reluctant to allow their car to be used as the pupil is usually not insured to use it. If an instructor presents a vehicle that has faults which are detected by the examiner then this can result in the test being cancelled and the pupil well within their rights to demand the cost of the next test and any lessons needed in the meantime to be covered by the instructor. This can prove very costly as well as being inconvenient for the pupil. First ensure that the car is clean and all windows are free from smears. Take out any loose items in the boot or footwells that may move around and cause distraction when the car is being driven. Ensure there is enough fuel in the tank as many cars have an audible warning when fuel is low. If this is heard during the test the pupil may think there is a problem with the car which can panic them resulting in driving faults. Never leave home without a spare set of bulbs, especially for brake lights and indicators. These items are tested as part of the Show me Tell me questions and if a brake light is out then the test will not go ahead. The bulbs themselves cost less than a pound which is nothing compared to the price of the test being cancelled. If a bulb is out then the examiner will allow a few minutes for it to be replaced. Make sure you know how to replace the bulb and have the tools needed. Do a few practise runs at home so you know exactly what to do as different makes and models have different methods of replacing the bulbs. Practise a few times so you can do it quickly and easily should the need arise. Many new cars no longer have a spare wheel but have a can of sealant provided instead. This is totally useless to a driving instructor. If necessary go out and buy a spare wheel. I bought a spare wheel and it’s got me out of trouble a few times. Again, practise changing a wheel at home to make sure you can do it quickly. We don’t work in the pits at an F1 race but an examiner won’t stand around while you figure out what to do. Before the pre-test lesson check tyres for nails, even if a tyre is not deflating the test will be cancelled if nails are found stuck in the tread. A foot pump secured in the boot is another essential item. They are cheap and can save you a lot of hardship. Many have a pressure gauge built in so you can check the tyre pressures. Under inflated tyres are not acceptable on test. Be prepared. If you take out the rear head restraints to improve visibility during lessons leave one in the boot in case a supervising examiner is sitting in on the test. They really don’t like it if one is not available. It makes a bad impression. Avoid large stickers in the rear window, you don’t want pupils pulling out in front of people because they couldn’t see them. I have seen many tests cancelled over simple things like blown bulbs or flat tyres. Don’t let your pupil down by being unprepared. We can’t plan for everything that can go wrong but make sure you are covered for the obvious things. It could save you a lot of time and money. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: