Investing Building wealth and leaving a considerable legacy for future generations is a goal shared by many; however, most individuals consider it to be a privilege privy only to the rich and affluent. Richard Cayne of Meyer International Thailand says that wealth creation is not just limited to those born with a silver spoon in their mouth; it is something that can be achieved by anyone if they follow a few simple steps. Richard Cayne of Meyer International Thailand further adds that capital should be treated like a sapling, with the right care and nourishment it can attain unprecedented heights. According to Richard Cayne of Meyer International Thailand, one of the first steps in wealth creation is to opt for a job that you love to do. Innumerable surveys have shown that individuals who do what they love will almost definitely end up fetching a higher rate of remuneration and excelling in their careers as opposed to those who are in it just to earn a living. Therefore, finding a job you are passionate about is quite important to wealth creation. The second most important step for wealth creation according to Richard Cayne of Meyer International Thailand is to know your options. This step relates to investments. Richard Cayne of Meyer International Thailand explains that simply saving money does not hold the key to wealth creation. To reach a state of financial independence, one has to make their money work hard for them. Equipping yourself with the knowledge about various investment options in the market and aligning the same with your personal financial goals is one of the best ways to make sure that you have a considerable wealth base by the time you think about retiring. While your earning powers will always have a limit, the earning potential of your investments is indefinite. Last, but not the least, Richard Cayne of Meyer International Thailand mentions that in order to create wealth one must remain optimistic, but at the same time be willing to take calculated risks. Every investment opportunity comes with a certain amount of risks, knowing your capacity to withstand risks and then investing in the best performing vehicle in the category can help you create wealth faster. Richard Cayne of Meyer International Thailand explains that staying optimistic in life goes a long way in helping you get through any kind of personal or financial situation. By combining the power of knowledge with optimism, you can create wealth and happiness for yourself. Richard Cayne is based in Bangkok and is Managing Director of Meyer International Ltd which is part of Asia Wealth Group Holdings Ltd a UK listed financial services holding group. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: