Dept. Of Homeland Security Computers Vulnerable Posted By: Robert Siciliano There AND rsquo;s a problem on the home front: security lapses in the computers of the Secret Service and Immigration and Customs Enforcement, says a report on These departments were recently audited, and weaknesses were revealed. Recently, hackers got into the White House, State Department and the Office of Personnel Management, among other entities. And this has caused the public to wonder about just how strong cybersecurity is for the U.S. government. So thus, the audit was carried out. The root of the problem may be inadequate training of the investigators and analysts for the Department of Homeland Security. This seems to have stemmed from Congress cutting corners with the training budget. The internal websites for the Secret Service and ICE were shown to be deficient. How many employees are in the Department of Homeland Security? 240,000. That AND rsquo;s a lot of potential for inadequate training to result in the accidental opening of a back door for hackers. The audit made nine recommendations to the DHS. The DHS has reported that it AND rsquo;s been making efforts to address these recommendations.cyber criminals cyber fraud cybersecurity cyber criminals How To Prepare For Digital Disasters Posted By: Robert Siciliano Editor AND rsquo;s Note: In this week AND rsquo;s guest blog security expert Robert Siciliano explains how to protect your IT systems and your business from hardware failure. To learn more, download our new e-book, AND ldquo;5 Things Small Businesses Need to Know about Disaster Recovery. AND rdquo; It is September and that means AND nbsp;National Preparedness Month: an ideal time to get involved in your community AND rsquo;s safety. Make plans to stay safe, and this includes keeping ongoing communications alive. National Preparedness Month culminates September 30th with National PrepareAthon! Day. I can AND rsquo;t believe that people who heavily rely on a computer for business will still suddenly report to clients, AND ldquo;My computer crashed; can you resend me all the files? AND rdquo; What? Wait! Why aren AND rsquo;t these people backing up their data on a frequent basis? If your computer is central to your business you should back up your data a minimum of once a day to protect against the following threats: Computer hack Unintentional deletion Theft Water or fire damage Hard drive crash To make daily data backups less daunting, carefully sift through all of your files to rid old, useless ones and organize still-needed security digital security online privacy online secu data security Human Error Is Inevitable: Ways To Protect Your Business Posted By: Robert Siciliano National Preparedness Month is happening right now. It AND rsquo;s the perfect time to take action for you and your community. It AND rsquo;s all about making plans to remain safe, and when disasters do strike, to keep communications going. September 30th is the culmination of NPM, with the National PrepareAthon! Day. If a burglar sees your Facebook status that you are traveling on vacation and then enters your house, and takes $10,000 worth of valuables, it AND rsquo;s safe to say you as the homeowner facilitated the theft. This is no different than leaving your doors unlocked when you head to the store. This lack of attention to security is why crime often happens. These lapses in judgement are akin to how human error enables data breaches. Even worse, for a small business, employee behavior accounts for a significant number of hacking incidents AND ndash; and the costs of data breaches are tremendous. A study from CompTIA says that human error is the foundation of 52 percent of data breaches. The CompTIA report also says that some of the human error is committed by IT breach online safety online security data breach Protect Your Small Business Against Viruses With These Tips Posted By: Robert Siciliano It is September and it AND rsquo;s National Preparedness Month AND mdash;a great time to get involved in the safety of your community. Make plans to stay safe, and this includes maintaining ongoing communications. National Preparedness Month culminates September 30th with National PrepareAthon! Day. I learned in high school biology class that one of the things that distinguishes life forms from inanimate objects is that living things replicate. Therefore, a computer virus is, well, alive; it replicates itself. It AND rsquo;s alive enough to cause billions of dollars of destruction from the time it attacks a computer network until the disaster is cleaned up. But just what is a computer virus? Not only does this nasty program file duplicate itself, but it can spread to other computers without human involvement. Unlike a virus with DNA, a tech virus usually doesn AND rsquo;t produce symptoms to give you an early warning. But it AND rsquo;s hell-bent on harming your network for financial gain. Though a virus is malicious, it may impersonate something harmless, which is why the user lets it in. One type of virus is spyware AND mdash; which allows your computer to run smoothly as always, while the spyware enables criminals to watch your login virus public WIFI virus VPN computer virus The Impact Of Ransomware On Small Businesses Posted By: Robert Siciliano What AND rsquo;s going on this September? National Preparedness Month. This will be the time to increase your awareness of the safety of your business, family, pets and community. During disasters, communication is key. National Preparedness Month concludes on September 30 with the National PrepareAthon! Day. It would be like a science fiction movie: You go to pull up the file detailing the records of your last quarter AND rsquo;s profit and loss statement, and instead you get a flashing notice: AND ldquo;Your computer has been compromised! To see your file, you must pay money! AND rdquo; This is called ransomware: a type of malware sent by criminal hackers. Welcome to the world of cybercrime. In fact, ransomware can prevent you from doing anything on your computer. Where does this ransomware come from? Have you clicked a link inside an e-mail lately? Maybe the e-mail AND rsquo;s subject line really grabbed your attention, something like: AND ldquo;Your FedEx shipment has been delayed AND rdquo; or AND ldquo;Your Account Needs Updating. AND rdquo; Maybe you opened an attachment that you weren AND rsquo;t expecting. Maybe you were lured to a website ( AND ldquo;Dash Cam Records Cyclist Cut in Half by Car AND rdquo;) that downloaded the virus.cybercrime cybersecurity ransomware cybercrime Ransomware Posted By: Renee Sandler ransomware hacking ransomware Posted By: Ella Jason green card application green card application form Green Card Application Process Green Card Process. green card application Human Input Vs Scada. Which Is More Reliable? Posted By: Camille Ocon Mechanical. Anything mechanical will require preventative maint, maint, will break eventually, this leads to down time, not reliable, if it breaks someone has to go out there anywhere, expensive, how expensive is a malfunction?, cost of unit vs cost of employee, how much are the assets worth?, wifi, lan, wan, connectivity, satelite? One disadvantage is that TCP/IP based SCADA systems are (extremely) vulnerable to cyberwarefare/cyberterrorism attacks which, in the worst scenario case, could cause not only financial loss but also loss of life, directly or indirectly. In an actual attack hackers were able to destroy a pump in Illinois. Using data stolen from a company that makes SCADA systems, hackers gained remote access into the control system of a city water utility and destroyed a water pump. SCADA stands for supervisory control and data acquisition, and are systems widely used in factories and industrial control systems to control physical systems. The incident was initially disclosed to the public by Joe Weiss, managing partner of Applied Control Solutions, in a blog entry that avoided naming the water utility that was attacked.oil and gas wellbore AFE production accounting oil and gas How To Choose From A Confusing Array Of Specialized Criminal Justice Degree Programs? Posted By: Robert M Brown Nowadays law enforcement is, to put it mildly, a lot more complex than it once was. More sophisticated criminals, ever-changing technologies and new concerns about how foreign terrorists can injure Americans have re-shaped the jobs of professional "good guys" in all areas of criminal justice. The Homeland Security Department, which was only formed in 2002, now has a $50 billion dollar budget and 216,000 employees. Most of them worked relatively independently as border guards, customs agents or transportation security specialist until the attacks of 9/11/2001 prompted the government to change their mission and work with each other in different ways. At the same time, the methods that police departments use to assemble crime evidence for court cases and to deal with the issues of criminals in the penal system and in the community have evolved quickly, creating a need for new kinds of specialists both in enforcement and prevention-type functions. That has created a need for everything from computer security experts to human services specialists and even new kinds of business administrators who can manage the complex budgets of large law enforcement degrees online degree course online degrees What You Can Do With A Homeland Security Degree Posted By: Robert M Brown Terrorism can take many forms. Many nefarious groups try and take actions against the safety and way of life of many that they wish to harm. Because no one knows the exact actions they will take measures must be taken to prevent and protect people in emergency situations. In order to be able to perform these duties and understand what to do one would need a homeland security degree. It can help you be a part of helping to stop terrorism and be in big demand for jobs. There is a big demand for this type of degree as it takes specialized training to be know what to do. This is a type of emergency management. This can be not only for terrorism, but also in major crisis that can affect the overall general population. When disaster strikes there needs to be a plan in place in the event that it might occur. People that are highly trained can take action. Before you enroll for classes at the local school you can look online for courses. Many schools now offer degrees which can be obtained completely as an online science degrees health science programs health science degrees What A Homeland Security Degree Is Posted By: Robert M Brown Since the events of September 11, 2001, the United States has created and staffed a whole new piece of government, and called it Homeland Security. This agency has taken over the primary responsibility for keeping the US safe from terrorism, both foreign and domestic. This has led to interest in and a need for ways to get a Homeland Security degree. A degree in Homeland Security is not actually a hard thing to find– a fair number of universities offer them now, including online colleges. They are available at associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degree levels so most students can find one that fits their needs. Getting a degree in Homeland Security prepares people for jobs in the still-increasing market of the field. Subjects covered in a Homeland Security degree range widely from political science to engineering and psychology. The idea is that someone with this degree will have a widely-based enough education to understand at least the fundamentals of possible threats from a variety of angles. A good grounding in the basics of these disciplines also allows students to understand the higher level coursework in security and emergency preparedness and response that follow the foundation science programs health science degrees health science programs Homeland Security Jobs – Careers Explained Posted By: Robert M Brown Homeland security has become much more of a priority in the United States and abroad due to the rise of terrorist attacks and other specialized domestic safety concerns in recent years. With the right degree and an ambition to protect our nation, you can have a very satisfying career with homeland security jobs. Most homeland security jobs require criminal justice degrees, although there are many different avenues you can take to get into the field and work your way up to the top. With approximately 180,000 officers working in the United States Department of Homeland Security and another 1.5 million employed by private agencies, it is definitely a booming field. Once you finish school and begin working as a homeland security officer, your main duty will be to make sure that all U.S. borders, airports, seaports and other waterways are secure. This may sound like a job much like any another type of security guard, but that is far from the truth. The criminal justice role in homeland security involves analyzing, researching and developing innovative security technology to aid in disaster and science degree health science degree Homeland Security Degrees In Demand Posted By: Robert M Brown "Homeland security (HS) is a growing, versatile and dynamic profession," says Jim Ramsay, program coordinator for the BS program in homeland security at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, FL. "We (educators, government officials, and military personnel and HS professionals) generally realize that following 9-11, homeland security became a new profession." However, he adds, the timing of events and the complex nature of the job at hand didn’t allow higher education to produce practitioners at a rate that either the government (state or federal) or industry needed. Hence, there was a rapid influx of ex-military, ex-airline, ex-police, ex-security, etc., professionals into the fledgling profession and the newly created U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), all of whom are aging. And when you take an aging workforce and an urgency for skilled, highly-trained professionals, the result is more and more institutions offering homeland security degrees. Of course, it’s not just terrorist threats that demand immediate response to protect people and their science programs health science programs Homeland Security Degree: Unlimited Future Use Posted By: Robert M Brown As volatile markets seek an equilibrium and loose lips let fly diplomatic transcripts, now more than ever, a Homeland Security Degree may provide just the life line needed I such uncertain times. Even as manufacturers are forced to shut their doors, leaving many out in the cold, the federal government, and specifically, the Department of Homeland Security, is expected to increase its payroll throughout 2018. Across the country, colleges are rethinking their roles in providing opportunities for students and have begun offering a smattering of options for this interested in homeland security. Under the Homeland Security Act, many federal agencies have joined forces and reunited under the broad umbrella of DHS. Thanks to this reorganization, a degree in homeland security will prove to be a vital tool in the future job market. While the threat of terrorism abroad may be well known, recent events have proven that a strong national security is equally as important at domestically. This is why new degree programs have branched out to include things such as emergency and disaster management, risk prevention and management, and consequence management and science degrees health science degrees Great Opportunities With A Bachelor Degree In Homeland Security Posted By: Robert M Brown After the events of 9/11 many institutions across the USA offer their students opportunities to get the bachelor’s degree in homeland security either online or on campus. The first two years of the homeland security degree are made up of the general education requirements for most bachelor’s degrees: science, sociology, English, math. During the last two years students may learn basic law courses, negotiation, field techniques. Subjects which are covered in a Homeland Security degree vary widely from psychology to safety engineering and political science. A good grounding in the basics of these disciplines at the same time allows students to understand the higher level coursework in emergency security and preparedness and response which follow the foundation classes. Some of the courses that are available are: 1.Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism, 2.Understanding the policies and procedures of the Department of Homeland Security, 3.Emergency Planning, 4.Law Enforcement, Security, Surveillance and Investigations, 5.Homeland Security Operations, 6.Legal Issues in Homeland Security, 7.Multi-cultural Communication and International Ideologies. Graduates of Homeland Security Degree Programs can get work in such organizations as the Secret Service, Immigration, and science degree health science programs health science degree Gcl States Tactical Defense Nominated For Blades Ecommerce Award For Most Compelling Story By Miva Posted By: Sydney Hardison San Diego, California, February 19, 2014 – Tactical Defense has been nominated for Most Compelling Story in the 2014 Blades Awards for their unique story about selling online. The winner will be announced at The Blades Awards banquet during MivaCon 2014, Miva Merchant’s 14th annual conference, on Thursday, March 6th, 2014. MivaCon 2014 will take place in San Diego, CA, March 5 – 7, 2014, at The Hyatt Regency La Jolla. The annual ecommerce event, hosted by Miva Merchant, draws hundreds of B2B and B2C storeowners with content-rich, actionable information to help grow and improve their online businesses. Right after Sept 11th, 2001, Tom Schreiber decided to change his life and do something more along the lines of helping his country and fellow Americans, so he joined the Department of Homeland Security United States Coast Guard. In 2005, Schreiber created the website in order to partner up with one of his Counter Terrorism Instructors and offer training. What started out as a training website quickly gained momentum with the introduction of retail. Tactical Defense will be recognized at The Blades Awards, along with other merchants that have achieved excellence in ecommerce.Miva Merchant GCL Miva Merchant Esfi Partnered With The National Theatre For Children To Bring Fire And Electrical Safety To The Posted By: Sydney Hardison Arlington, VA, January 23, 2014 – The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) and The National Theatre for Children (NTC) today announced a partnership that will bring fire and electrical safety messages to the center stage with live performances at 60 elementary schools across the United States. The live performance, "The Safety Detectives in Hot Pursuit" is presented to schools free of charge and aligns with educational standards to teach children about important fire and electrical safety concepts in an interactive manner. Student workbooks, teacher guides and classroom posters are also provided to reinforce important safety messages highlighted in the performance. "ESFI prides itself in its ability to deliver safety messages to schools, and we are thrilled that our educational platform is being brought to the stage for the first time," said ESFI President Brett Brenner. "We applaud NTC for bringing our concepts to life in an entertaining format that will resonate with children and instill life-saving lessons that children will take home to their families." The program was made possible through funding by a 2012 Fire Prevention and Safety (FP AND S) Grant from the Department of Homeland Security / Federal Emergency Management Agency.Electrical Safety Foundation International GCL Electrical Safety Foundation International Neden Amerika Birleşik Devletleri Dil Okulları? 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