Movies-TV In recent years reality TV programs have done well for the regular viewing audiences. Well, talking on this the subjects of reality programs could be quite varied. No matter what the truth is behind it but it has always appreciated by large viewing audiences and has managed to draw loyal fan following that increases high TV ratings. Although many viewers are not comfortable with repeat telecast of the TV shows but others feel that it is something different. The effects of reality TV programs are quite varied. They have affected the viewers in many ways such as Effect of Reality TV programs on Viewers Viewers of such reality shows have deeply engaged themselves and have grown addicted to such TV programs. It is often seen that most of the reality programs are based loosely which in reality do not have valid thought concepts or process. Thus, the audiences are often aroused to such TV show which lack proper concept and intelligent. For example, reality shows such as Bigg Boss which is aired on colors TV channels often telegraphs backbiting, constant verbal fighting and even use of derogatory statements to one another which could be inappropriate for family viewing. However, reality programs such as "Kaun Banega Crorepati", "India Got Talent" and other tutorial programs often show positive traits and educate youngsters and emphasize them to build their careers. Effects of Reality TV on Contestants: Reality TV programs can be addicted and this is something the audiences are aware about it. Even contestant or participants who get an instant break have seen facing mental and physical stress. The positive side of such programs is that the participants get a chance to voice their opinions and prove their talents to millions who are constant viewers to such programs. Much needed instant success on winning a reality program gives talented people break to act or coordinate or choreograph in movies and TV serials. But what is the use of such success when participants are seen behind the bars due to their outrageous behavior in public and even taking law in their hands. Sometimes, certain participants take to drinking or get addicted to drugs when they fail to achieve success even due to battery of attempts. The reality behind the closed doors is far different that is staged and presented to millions. It is believed certain scenes are rehearsed, staged and presented after they are well refined and a battery of editing is conducted and then labeled as ‘reality’. It could be also the opposite, but what is interesting till time such reality TV shows keeps us entertained people as well as presenters will always have a positive side to it. It is for this reason many south Asian channels have indulged and profited due to reality programs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: