Internet-Marketing Have you had the misfortune of falling for one of those "For to day only you can get 10,000 Visitors to your website for only $17.95" They make it seem so easy until you discover that you have a lot of trafic but no sales. Don’t waste your money and good eforts with these scams. These scamers make it sound so good but just give you junck that don’t buy a thing frome your website! With all that fraffic and no sales some people will abanden a very good product when it was the traffic that was bad, not the product! There may not be anything wrong except that you have been tricked, lied to, SCAMED! Thant is right, you where tricked. I hope you have not lost much money to these scamers. There is an awncer to you traffic and sales problems. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is what real marketers use to get masive results! Anyone can learn and do SEO. As you will learn it is really very simple, good old common sense. It all comes down to key words and links pointing back to your website. Key Word; A key word is the word or words that people place into a search engine to find what you may want to looking for. See why key words are so valuble? So how does the search engine decide what websites to give and in what order. Every business is in business to make money and the search engines are no difrent. So the PPC (Pay Per Click) advertisements are going to be on the top of the list. But many people will not click on these because they know that those ones are paid for and may not really be what they are looking for. Under the PPC advertisements are the "organic" links. Now, if you want to do PPC, then SEO will save you a lot of money. If you want to do very effective free marketing then SEO will give you great results if you really do it. What is the big deal with the big dog "key word"? First of all you need to find out what are the best key words to market your website. There are tools to help you with this. You will find a link to the one I use in my "Bio". 1.The key words need to accurately describe what the website is about so you will attract the people that are really interested in what your website is about. 2.The key words you choose should be ones that are often used in search engines but have as few other websites competing for the same key word. You want 50,000 or less a day to compete with. There are key word tools that help you with this. There is a link to the one I have found to be the best by far and is the one I use with great success. 3.Use your best 5 to 10 key words per around 500 words. Put them in the content of your website. Search engines love content. Content is the words on your webpage. The challenge is to get your key words into your content and keep it sounding natural. So be careful when choosing your key words. Make sure they are useable in a sentence. It is best to have each key word on the page you want to have showed up on the search engines. It needs to be in your content about 1 to 5 times. If a key word is used too many times the search engine will label it as spam and not give you a good placement for your website. Also do not just make a list of your key words on the webpage as this is also spamming. 4.You can give your key words more impotents by putting them in the; Title and links. Also making them bold, italic, bigger or even a different color or any combination thereof. 5.And of course you need to put your key words in the HTML of your website in the meta title, meta description and meta key words. Links pointing to the website you are marketing; This is the second most important part. You need to have other websites with your key words and links on them that point to your website. This shows that your website is very popular and the search engines will favor you too. There are many ways to do this but I will only tell you about the best ones. Articles; Articles like the one you are reading now are a great way to get high quality link for your website. With article marketing you get to control all the content that is associated with your link. Make sure your articles give the reader value other than your link. This is my favorite medium because this article will stay on the internet forever and if I have succeeded in making it informative and useful them it will also be picked up and used on other websites too! So you can get a lot of mileage out of writing good articles. Video; Search engines love videos. It is the latest, greatest thing and people respond to videos better than anything else because they give the elution of being very personal and when people are responsive to something the search engines give it a high priority. Make your video short. Around 2 minutes is good and add a description (with your key words and the link to your website in it) and your keywords. Blog; A blog is a something you really need. A blog can super charge your marketing! Put your best content on your bog and in your articles "Bio" add a link to your website or product you are selling and your blog. And do the same with your videos. Now you just doubled all your marketing! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: