Spirituality Narrator: As their family grew, remaining faithful became tougher as their debt increased. Sheri Coleman: Just taking care of me, who cares if I skip lunch today or whatever but now you have kids and it’s a new responsibility; you have someone else that you are responsible for taking care of, making sure that they have all their needs met. Narrator: Chris and Sheri searched for ways to improve their finances when god led them to some practical solutions. Chris Coleman: People say, "if I only had this much money, how much I would do with it." Well, let’s talk about the practical. What are you doing with what you have right now? Narrator: Over time, the Colemans believed God as they committed to give tithes, put money into savings, sacrifice some indulges, and began paying off debts. Sheri: God’s not just gonna dump millions of dollars in your lap if you can’t be faithful with $1,000 a month. It’s not gonna happen. Narrator: God was faithful to the Coleman family through many lean seasons. They continued to honor him in spite of severe financial challenges. Every time it seemed they were running out of resources, God provided a way. Sheri: We would get like we overpaid our phone bill or something and would get a rebate check or… Somebody we didn’t even know would just send us money out of the blue and it always happened when we would be at the end of our rope like we’re not gonna make it till next paycheck and then something would come in that would cover. Chris: We can’t really put into words how thankful we are to god that his word is true if you’re faithful, he’s gonna reward you for it. Joyce: Well, Howard, Chris and Sheri’s story is interesting and I’m pretty intimately familiar with it because they work for us and I remember the stress that I would see Chris under when they were under that burden of debt or even maybe the hopelessness of thinking that they could never own their own home, and then through getting some counseling and some help and making some decisions and really starting to trust God beyond just their paycheck. So many people just look to their paycheck and if they’re under pressure at home, they get mad at their boss. Howard Dayton: That’s right. Joyce Meyer : That’s not really fair. God can bless you outside of your paycheck. You should make what you’re worth at your job but so many people go out and get themselves in debt, then they’re mad at everybody else because they don’t have enough money and that’s not right. I watched them be faithful and diligent over a long period of time and now they own their own home, they don’t have that stress and pressure, and God has blessed them in a number of ways. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: