Travel-and-Leisure The definition of a rejuvenating experience would be visiting a resort. Allowing people to surpass their boundaries of day-to-day existence and indulge their senses. This has always been found ideal for self-gratification. A resort should be able to enthrall people with its munificent amenities. Resorts are usually thought of as a thing of luxury. But no more, resorts are not meant for a select few. Resorts in Nigeria offer varying levels of luxury to suit the needs of both affluent and cost-conscious consumers. They provide people with the opportunity to immerse themselves and enjoy all that life has to offer. Just sit back and relax, everyone loves to pamper themselves once in a while. From health spas and wellness centers, to beach resorts, tropical islands, golf resorts, nature resorts, safaris and so much more. And thats not it; they even offer a wide range of fitness programs, encompassing a nutritious diet, and a self-awareness program. If you are on quest for solitude then secluded tropical islands maybe what you are looking for, with seclude sandy beaches, narrow coastlines and coastal plains providing the peace and tranquility that you desire. Even your desire for adventure can be quenched by scuba diving, kayaking, snorkeling and hiking. Resorts in Nigeria offer the perfect blend of man-made comforts and natural sensory delights. Enjoy treasures of nature along with the fine tropical cuisine, spas, pools and other facilities. Here you get to blossom in the beauty of nature, relaxation, and a vast array of culinary delights coupled with the human interaction you desire. Some of the best resorts in Nigeria are given below- Epe Resort & Spa located in Itoikin Road, Lagos, providesserene, cool and beautiful ambience and serves as a home away from home for visiting international travelers. The place is an oasis of sanity, a love escape and a place to take family and children to. Obudu Mountain Resort, located in Obanliku Local Government Area, capitalizes on its altitude to provide guests with the best view points and fresh, invigorating mountain air. The resort is surrounded by natural reserve, which is home to rare species of birds and other animals. Yankari Game Reserve Resort provides you an opportunity to unwind within this beautiful forestlandscape which elevates your spirit. The resort is located at the heart of Nigerias world-renowned game reserve which offers plenty of choices for nature enthusiasts who are sure to relish the adventures of wildlife safaris, trekking and paragliding to name a few. MicCom Golf Resort is one of Nigeria’s first privately owned golf course equipped with modern hotel facilities. Located in the classical town of Ada in Osun State, the hotel provides a truly relishing experience with serene and picturesque landscapesmeandering the golf course. Mostly all the resorts have their own websites where you get to check out their offer packages, these websites also show a few breathtaking images of their resorts that capture the onlookers fantasy. So all are welcome to come and enjoy in these lavish retreats offered by the coastal African country. Contact for Booking: Nitestay Ltd 21 AdewaleAdegbosin Off Badore Road, Ajah Lagos, Nigeria Phone: 0813 156 1560 About the Author: 相关的主题文章: