Business When it comes to private or third party warehousing, every company has their own unique needs and requirements. The choice you make will impact your efficiency as well as your supply chain management capabilities. Finding the right warehousing facility for your company can be a bit of a tossup, unless you do your homework first and keep the key aspects your company needs in mind. Things you need to make sure you consider during the selection process are: * Location of the warehousing facilities * Tracking and reporting procedures so you know at all times just where your goods are * Customized warehousing and shipping options tailored to your company’s needs * Shipping both in and out of the country of origin, packing and docking plans It isn’t enough to simply store your goods. In order to streamline your shipping operations, you will need a public or third party warehouse facility that meets all your shipping needs as well. Not all companies are alike in this respect, so it is to your benefit to search for the right fit for you before contracting with a warehousing service. Save Time Small shipments, infrequent shipping, or large accounts should all be handled the same way by the warehousing service. The eventual goal of the arrangement will be for the third party warehouse service to be a shipping and handling contractor to allow you to concentrate on the daily operations of your company. No matter what stage your business is in, time will always be a factor, and how you spend it can determine the success or failure of your company. Some other important considerations to take into account are: * Facilities that are well maintained * Reliable team from office to docks * Flexibility to handle any size business * Solid reputation in the business community It may be tempting to choose the company that has the lowest prices, or a startup company that will bend over backwards to get your business. The problem with these types of choices are the lowest price isn’t always the best bargain, as there may be reasons the pricing is that low. Secondly, while a startup company may be willing to do whatever it takes to get customers, once they get bigger, the service may not be what it started out as. Going the extra mile gets more difficult when the customer base grows too rapidly for them to keep up with it all. Plus, they simply cannot have the experience of a better established company. An established company has the means to provide consistent customer service to all that does not change as they expand. While some of these things may seem obvious, many times they are overlooked when making such a choice, due to distractions or the desire to simply pick one and move on. When the future of your entire logistics department is at stake, don’t just pick a name out of a hat, so to speak. A little time spent on researching for the company that can fit your needs will pay off in the long run as your company grows and your needs change. Having a warehousing company that can keep up with your own growth and changes is the optimum solution. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: