Goal-Setting If you have a child suffering from autism, pervasive developmental disorder (PDD), or Asperger’s problem all you need to do is to get special education for your child. In the educational world of an autistic child IEP programs are of great importance. A tailor made education plan, IEP includes trainings and programs required to help a child reach the highest level of success. It is a detailed plan describing the type of educational program that will be provided to the child based on a detailed assessment of the child’s strengths, abilities, and weaknesses that have affected their ability to learn. Even if the child is not functioning at grade level in a specific subject it is noted in the IEP programs. IEP programs are not daily lesson plan. It is a list of things that should be trained to the student in a particular year. Every child learns in a different way and an autistic child is no exception. In cooperation with the child’s school an IEP autism program is fashioned to meet the need of an autistic child. IEP assists and assures that the child has the best academic outcome possible. Unfortunately, many schools still punish children with disabilities. It is important to realize that proper handling of an autistic child in school is necessary to facilitate in the attainment of skills and improve their cognitive patterns. The areas that need to be discussed at a child’s IEP meeting are: The nonverbal and verbal communication needs of the child need to be taken care of. Impairment in communication negatively affects a child’s education and therefore should be addressed. Due to autism children have obstacle in social interaction with other people. Therefore they need services in this area to develop appropriate social interaction skills. Children with autism suffer from sensory integration dysfunction which often has a detrimental effect on their education. In such cases, special education services are required by an experienced trained SIPT qualified occupational therapist. Another characteristic of autism is spectrum disorder – rigidity in routines and resistance to change. Picture schedules and verbal notice in such circumstances can be of great help. Autism causes ritualistic behaviors. Strategies can be developed to help the child decrease these behaviors. Positive behavioral strategies and supports should be developed to deal with behavioral difficulties resulting from autism. Some autistic children have special medical needs and other necessities that may impact progress in education social and emotional development It is important to bring into surface the areas that cause the child to have educational need. Special education services should be written in the child’s IEP to handle such needs. By addressing these seven areas in your child’s IEP you will be able to conclude if your child needs any special education services in these areas. There are few online portals that provide autism IEP. The online portal IEPgoals.net deserves a special mention in this context offering smart IEP for autistic child free of cost. So, do not worry anymore. Switch on to an appropriate IEP program and give your child a better future. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: