UnCategorized British Gas is one of the biggest gas and electricity suppliers in the UK. Before winter set in they raised their gas and electricity charges but at that time all the suppliers were hiking up their prices. Recently British Gas announced a 10% cut in electricity prices. This followed an announcement that they cut gas prices by 10%. But some analysts say that these cuts only save costs for customers who are on standard packages. This means they were already paying hefty utility bills, so they are going to benefit. Now, another announcement of switching packages, and paying less has become controversial. British Gas says they sent emails to customers announcing this saving on energy bills by switching their package. Well what about those customers who don’t have computers or the internet. They were not made aware of this new package and how they could save on energy costs. This has made the energy saving announcement controversial. British gas also says that if you opt for direct debt and pay your bills online you will be charged a lower tariff. This is no big saving for the customer. It’s in fact quite simple. British gas is getting the money faster into their account and therefore they are passing this benefit on to the customer. It’s not really a reduction in tariff. If you wait for your meter to be read, for the bill to come in the mail, and then you pay it you will not get any benefit. If British Gas really wants to pass on a saving to their customers they should do it across the board. Now it seems that people who were already paying a high tariff are benefiting and not those who are genuinely trying to save money on their utilities. There are a number of analysts who have posted their comments on the net and most conclude that the average customer will benefit only slightly. When an increase in British Gas tariffs is announced, it’s announced across the board. But when the tariffs are reduced they create confusion and controversies. People who were not aware of changes in British Gas tariffs, or how to switch tariffs lost out. Now with announcement of cuts in tariffs, how much will a customer really save? A person who has spent all his life waiting for the gas and electricity bills and has paid them regularly, will he benefit? If he does not, then packages on the internet and similar savings make no sense. These may just be marketing gimmicks. Hardly anyone is going to sit down and work out their actual savings. It’s only a remarkable saving that really gets people to notice. But if you really want to benefit from British Gas tariffs then its best to call up their customer service and get your package changed. They will not switch tariffs automatically unless you ask them to. You have to know what package you are on and then work out which one will benefit you. Only then do a switch. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: