Computers-and-Technology Inkrite compatible Canon cartridges can give you low cost and high quality prints. There are manufactures of compatible ink available to buy in your Canon printer. You can use Genuine, unchipped or chipped compatible Canon cartridges. If you own one of the cheaper Canon inkjet printers it will only use a black and colour the black cartridge code starting with a PG prefix and the code for the colour cartridge starting with a CL prefix. These cartridges are expensive and even remanufactured cartridges can be high priced. These cartridges do not use the chips as explained in this article. We would encourage staying away from these printers as the cost of printing is very high compared to other comparable printers. This is Canons way of redeeming the cost of the loss leading sales of the economy versions of their inkjet printers. Canon ink cartridges have evolved in recent years with the implementation of chips to their ink cartridges. These cartridges now use a fitted chip to calculate the ink levels of the printer cartridges. The chip is also a security chip to try to stop duplicate ink cartridges. Because of this Canon can maintain their profits, by stopping other producers duplicating their cartridges. However this does not stop compatible ink cartridges making their way on the retail shelves in as little as half a year. The printer cartridges come in two types Chipped and unchipped. Un-chipped Canon printer cartridges are the cheapest way of buying Compatible Canon ink. To use the unchipped cartridges you have to remove an existing chip from a genuine cartridge and fit it to your compatible Canon inkjet cartridges. This operation is easy to do. You need to be gentle with the chip when removing it from the genuine Canon cartridge. The unchipped versions of these Canon cartridges will not inform you of the remaining ink levels of the compatible printer cartridge. But if you are only paying about a third of the price of a genuine item then does it really matter? Chipped compatible printer cartridges are when the Canon chips have been duplicated. These cartridges can take up to 12 month to appear on the market depending on the difficulty of copying the genuine chip. The Chipped compatible cartridges, will give you the ink levels on your printer, some people like as you do not have to remove the chip from OEM cartridges. The items are a little more expensive, as you would expect, but still cheaper than genuine counterparts. We would definitely encourage the usage of Canon compatible inkjet cartridges to any owner of a Canon ink printer. If you are heavy handed then do look at the chipped products as these are far easier to operate. If you are printing a lot of photos then ensure that you purchase high quality compatible cartridges to get the best results. In these hard times everyone is looking to save a little money and you can do this with compatible products. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: