A car audio package is an easy way to get your hands on a fully compatible speaker and amplifier. Instead of flapping for hours over price and compatibility, you can be in and out of the shop with a speaker package. Audiobahn currently have on offer the AS69V & A2002V amp and speaker pack, which includes a 3 way speaker and an Intake series amplifier. The package includes the three-way passive speaker, which can handle a decent amount of power, around 400 watts. The AS series is well known for its great sound production and versatility. With a carbon injection cone and a frequency range between 25-20hz, this speaker offers the immense sound that Audiobahn electronics offer. The included tweeters can be either mounted along with the speaker or separately, which is better for improved high frequency dispersion, allowing you to listen to your music loudly and clearly. The Intake amp, the A2002V, is a two channel A/B amp that maximum power is compatible with the speakers at 400w. It has a number of exclusive features in the Intake series, which make looking after your amplifier and subwoofer so much easier. The cobalt blue digital voltmeter is probably one of the most useful tools, as it lets you view the changing voltage between your car and the amplifier. This safety feature helps you and your equipment keep safe, by making you aware of any voltage readings that are abnormal. Readings should be generally between 11.5v to 14.4v when using the amp normally. With an outer layer of the metal Nickel on the block terminals, this amp has an increased conductivity and connection. It helps maintain a proper flow of current through power connections, enabling a better transfer of power overall. This ingenious feature also creates a much more efficient transfer, so that much more power goes through to the speakers the amplifier is powering. The Intake series are strong and solid amplifiers, which include block terminals to provide an increasingly firm and secure connection for wires, so that the flow of power is as powerful as can be. Surrounded in acrylic, these blocks are protected from wire entanglement and short circuits too. A fan has also been added to the design, making this series durable and free from the problems that overheated amps suffer from. Too much intense heat will cause problems to the inner workings of any electronic goods, as well as affect the quality of output – which Audiobahn have avoided by adding a fan and an air induction groove that allows cool air to enter the inner amplifier to maintain a cooler temperature, closer to room temperature. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: