Business A huge number of businesses use telemarketing services primarily because they want to save effort, time and money while maintaining their level of service. Among the marketing tools available today, the telephone is one of the most accessible and inexpensive means to contact prospects and customers. Agents can make more than a hundred calls per day at minimum cost either from an external location or within the company’s premises. Marketing methods like direct mail can take so much time and huge amounts of money, and it is even more expensive to do face-to-face sales. Using the phone can not only save time, but cost per sale is also reduced considerably. Moreover, customers and companies are both saving time with this method. No matter how busy a person may be, he or she can always spare even a few minutes on a call rather than talk about product specifics in person. If a company is trying to market any type of service or product, business-to-business telemarketing can be a smart option. But what about products or services that require face-to-face meetings in order to be demonstrated better? The phone is also a fine tool for arranging meetings with customers and potential clients. Telemarketing enables businesses to increase revenue, and should be a key element in an organization’s overall marketing efforts and sales activities. Cold-calling is a great business-to-business marketing strategy. It takes just a short time to have a list of targeted prospects, call them and inform them about the benefits of the offer. The telephone, when used systematically, is a great instrument for qualifying prospects. There are three things to consider when qualifying a prospect. Budget, buying authority and the need for a product or service. If these things are present in a prospecting call, a telemarketer can steer the conversation towards the benefits of having the service or product. In many instances, no matter how skillfully telemarketing is conducted, if the service or product offers no value to the prospect, a sale or an appointment cannot be produced. Business to business telemarketing can be an intimidating task especially if companies expect customers or prospects to be receptive all the time. It is important to understand that most people today are very suspicious about telemarketing calls. In order to take the edge off the cold-calling task, telemarketers should accept the fact that not all prospects they contact will buy or have the authority to do so. It is necessary to take into consideration timing and other factors that can impact the sales process. If prospects say they are not ready to buy, telemarketers must follow up with them after a couple of months or so just to make sure that the leads are not wasted. Business to business telemarketing has been a tried-and-tested means of generating sales leads and boosting revenue. Organizations that would like to use this direct marketing method should have a sound business plan and be able to set reasonable goals to minimize risk and be successful. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: