Automobiles The best drink for the body is uncontaminated water. But the body can be moisturized with other drinks too. In some form the body needs a extensive amount of liquid. Fruit juices are a very good drink. Even if nothing could substitute portable water other forms of liquid more over can be taken to prevent the body from getting dehydrated. A drink specially prepared for human consumption can be sweet, sour or salty. Too much of alcoholic drinks are not good for the physical condition. Alcoholic drinks or drinks that hold ethanol should be limited according to each persons constitution. Read more Dameundertoej In some countries like Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom, drinking beer in a local bar is a cultural custom. Alcoholic drinks are known as hard drinks. Hence by way of contrast to hard drinks, drinks lacking alcohol is known as soft drinks. Colas, lemonade, fruit punch, iced tea and squeeze are very common drinks. Sweetened fruit juices are able to reduce thirst quickly. Some drinks are served hot. Very often these hot drinks fall in to the nourishing category. Hot chocolate, hot tea, coffee, also milk, come under this category. Many tasty drinks are made with various kinds of fruits. Citrus fruits come in first place. Lemons oranges and lime make fantastic drinks. Water melon juice is a suitable drink to have on very hot days. It cools the system and quenches the thirst. Citrus fruit juices are complete of vitamin C. Read more Teamudvikling Koebenhavn Nearly all fruit juices consist of vitamins which are essential to the human body. Milkshakes are very nutritious drinks which are preferred by most people, adults and children similarly. Yogurt and soup can be called both food or drink. It can be eaten with a spoon or it can be drunk. This choice depends upon thickness and solutes of the matter. Just as much as food is vital to the human body, liquids too are a vital need. Dehydration could be fatal. Although a human being can go on several days without food, without water one cannot live for long. This shows how important liquids are for the well being of people. Read more Teamudvikling Koebenhavn A mixed drink made with a distilled drink such as gin, vodka, whiskey and rum is identified as a cocktail. These cocktails are mixed with other ingredients. If one of the ingredients used is beer that drink is called a beer cocktail. Cocktails contain liqueur, juice, fruit, sauce, honey, milk and spices. Several more types of flavorings too are used in these preparations. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: