Personal-Tech Does your computer run very slow? You must want to know how to make your computer faster. Normally a computer would become very slow after a period of time. What is worse, it might have various system problems like freezes, program not responding, blue screen and even crash. This article is to tell you how to make your computer faster and avoid the problems. Optimize Computer Registry Registry is one of the most important files in Windows systems. It contains the important information and settings of all the device drivers, software and system programs on your computer. Every operation on the computer from how Windows boots up to how a program execute an order are written in computer registry. Registry is very important but fragile. Even a simple uninstallation or installation of a program can delete or damage registry keys. And a virus can also bring severe damage to the whole registry. If a registry key is corrupt or missing, it will lead to some unexpected consequences like PC running slow, freezes, program not responding, blue screen and even crash. To improve the computer performance and avoid PC errors, it is necessary to repair and optimize registry regularly. Clean Up Useless DLL Files Normally some dll files are left after a software is uninstalled from your computer. These dll files are useless. Windows needs to load these files along with other necessary files when it boots up. And what is worse, when Windows is running, they eats up CPU and Memory resources so as to slow down the PC. To make your computer faster, its necessary to clean up the useless dll files. The abovementioned issues are only parts of optimizing a computer. To speed up a computer, you need to do many other things. You need to disable some startup items, clean up junk files, optimize internet, tweak memory and so on. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: