Health Pain is such a subjective thing, what one person feels as pain, another may feel as just a mild discomfort. While hair removal lasers are not super painful, it is a noticeable discomfort to many. There is good news though, San Diego laser hair removal clinics like all reputable centers, will provide a topical anesthetic to dull the pain of the laser entering the skin. At worst some people have described the sensation of the laser as being similar to having the skin flicked with a big rubber band. There are a number of different machines used by trained technicians of laser hair removal in San Diego, these may include the Nd YaG, Alexandrite laser, Ruby and Diode laser systems. Different types of systems are used to get the best results on the widest range of patients and their various hair zones that need treating. Each laser system feels slightly different, with some saying the pain is more noticeable with some lasers more than others. The sensitivity of the body area being treated will also have a bearing on the pain registered. Hair removal laser machines work by producing special types and frequencies of laser light to destroy hair follicles. The process works because the laser light targets melanin, which is the pigment in hair follicles. The light heats up the melanin destroying structures in the follicle without adversely affecting the surrounding tissue. The advantages of using laser hair removal in San Diego over home methods of removal are obvious. Once you have several treatments, most people will report that their hair growth in a particular area has thinned out to the extent of requiring very little additional other home treatments. Results will depend though on your skin type and color, as well as the coarseness and color of your hair in the treated area. Hair removal by laser is a relatively new and developing method compared to the old wax, shave and plucking techniques that we are all used to. It is a method that while expensive can produce some impressive results or hair reduction. When looking for a center to get laser hair removal in San Diego, make sure you check around the web and find a reputable clinic that has fully qualified staff and a good reputation. There are plenty of places advertising on the web with hair removal laser services. As it is a reasonably expensive option, you should take your time to search around sites for the best information. Removing hair using lasers is not without its dangers though. In the hands of poorly trained operators and with the use of out of date equipment by some clinics, patients have reported damage to the skin or treated areas. While this is rare some have received discoloration or burning of the treated area resulting in permanent damage. The safest option is to consult with a medical professional such as a dermatologist if you are doubtful of a laser hair removal clinics reputation. Ask questions and get as much advice as you can, that way you wont end up disappointed or left with unrealistic expectations of what you will get when you opt for laser treatment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: