Business If you are leasing a commercial property then it is very important that you are able to communicate well with your tenants. It is one thing that you are able to talk to them before signing the contract for the commercial property; it is another thing that you go out there to meet then on the first day of their transfer. Being new to the property, you tenants will still be very unsure of how they can use the things around them and might have questions regarding your rules and regulations in the property. So it is best that you give them a visit on their first day, answer their questions and tell them how your office can help them. This will make them feel comfortable that you are taking time to inform them and show concern for their needs as well. One of the important issues to be talked about is the process of maintenance and repairs and you shall give them the contact number and address of the office right away so they can call you anytime they need help. In your visit, you would also like to inform them where and who they can call for emergency repair and maintenance, contacts for standard repairs and maintenance, address and contact number of your management office and the number and name of the second person in charge of repairs and maintenance. You will also need to give those ways to contact you during business hours and after business hours just in case something comes up. It is also helpful to give them a complete list of contact numbers to call during emergency like the police, fire stations, hospitals and etc. You may also want to talk to them about their insurance policies and what it covers especially if their business involves some risk like if they are running a restaurant. Now that all maintenance and repairs and emergency issues are settled, you can now move on to focus on the processes of the commercial property you are managing. If you are catering to a shopping center, a condominium or offices, it may help to use a checklist to make sure you have gone through all the inspection daily. A checklist is also helpful in monitoring if everything is stable and keeping records if something is wrong. This will also show your transparency to your tenants since they can see if you are able to manage the building well. With commercial property management, it is important to show your clients that they are well taken care of and that you are always listening to their concerns. If you want to keep them renting your property, then you should also do your part in maintaining the building you are leasing them. This is a good practice for business and will help your tenants to decide if they will still continue their contract with you in the long run. With proper management, you will build a strong and trusted relationship with your tenants and this will be very beneficial to you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: