Finance Zero rate or low interest rate credit card are becoming more and more popular these days. Of course, who does not want special offers? However, you must take note that, most often than not, the introductory rate may only be applicable for a limited period. The great news is that, you can still enjoy a low interest rate card but that depends on your chosen credit card issuer. Below are tips on how you can convince your issuer to let you keep the 0% or low credit card rate: Study carefully what the credit card really offers. Prior to signing up, be sure that you understand the date that the introductory rate expires as well as the exact cost of the regular APR. Familiarize yourself with the rest of the fees imposed by your credit card. All these charges are stipulated in Terms and Conditions page so take the extra time reviewing what the fine print says. Apply for a new 0% interest credit card before the old one runs out. You may need to get a new credit card to continue enjoying the zero interest rate. This is an important step if you still have a remaining balance from the ones you transferred over to your 0%-APR card. Consider your options in advance so you can apply for a new zero-APR credit card before the introductory rate expires. It is a common knowledge that few zero rate credit cards impose high rates on transferred balances as soon as the introductory period ends. Maintain good credit. Most of the time, customers with a good credit history are entitled to the best rates and deals. Therefore, having a higher credit score can give you better chances of getting what you requested from your creditors. Being always on time in submitting your payments is one way of maintaining your good to excellent standing. Having been a good credit card holder, your credit card issuer would not want to lose you. In fact, you can request your credit card issuer for a low interest rate or to retain the zero APR by showing an impressive payment history. Watch your credit card usage. Even if your card offers zero interest or a reasonable rate, you still need to use it with caution. If you must transfer balances, make it a point to complete your payments while the zero interest rate still applies. Avoid charging expenses or new purchases that can make it more difficult for you to catch up with your monthly payments. Keep your credit line usage minimal. One way to avoid having bad credit is to always be conscious about your own spending. If you find yourself struggling with your monthly bills, then don’t wait until things get worse before taking positive action. If you have a credit card, use it only for important purchases and make it a goal to pay off your charges without incurring additional fees (interest rate, late penalty, or overdraft fee). Copyright (c) 2010 Liz Roberts About the Author: 相关的主题文章: