Internet-and-Business-Online Time management is more about finding the time you need to do everything you want to accomplish, rather than managing the time we all have each day. Time is the great equalizer, as every person is given twenty-four hours in which to be productive. Internet marketers always talk about only working a few hours each day, but the truth is that more successful people just tend to find the hours they need by thinking about it in a different way. You will want to think about blocking your time, delegating specific activities to others, and planning your schedule of activities well in advance. Blocking Your Time: No one can be productive and creative for eight hours straight each day. Online marketers are in a precarious position in their work in that they must use both the left and right side of the brain throughout the day. I had never considered myself to be a creative person, but that all changed when I came online. Writing articles and sales letters, creating products, and deciding which projects will take priority have all become a part of my day. This causes me to become mentally tired after about ninety minutes. Once I began working in three or four time blocks of ninety minutes a day my productivity and revenue began to increase dramatically. Delegating Activities to Others: You may think that you must do everything yourself as an online entrepreneur, but nothing could be further from the truth. Learn how to delegate specific tasks to others and you will free up more time than you could ever have imagined. This takes practice, so start small with chores around the house. Ask someone in your home to take responsibility for something that does not require your personal attention, such as filling up your gas tank, picking up pet food or something else from the store, or going to the post office. You will find that those close to us are happy to pitch in and help. Once you have mastered this type of delegating, incorporate it into your business as well. It turns out that many activities can be done just as well, or even better, by someone else. Make a Schedule: You will have more time if you plan in advance for what you want and need to achieve. This was a difficult area for me, so I started out by just planning what I would do during the following day. Soon I was able to plan a week in advance, and now I plan out for a month or even longer. Keep your schedule flexible enough to allow for changes, but have the basic schedule in place so that it makes sense to you. You will find that time management is easier than you think, and once you experience the benefit of having the time you want to do the things in your life you enjoy most, you will be glad you took the time to put this all in place. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: