Business Short History Sixty years ago, Abe Levine was inspired to put up a business out from a novel idea. He had this vision to have a warehouse that will house a huge inventory of gift items and general merchandise that will be sold to people who are interested in putting up their own business. Little did he know that his idea will continue to live on after how many decades. He had this belief that people who put up their own business will have a greater chance to prosper since the fact that owning your own business drives people to do better as opposed to working for someone else. As of today, thousands of members have joined the Specialty Merchandise Corporation (SMC) family and since then, have been selling products to supplement their income from their jobs. There were some who made selling SMC products their primary source of income but their success does not come the efforts of SMC alone. Dreams of financial freedom continue to inspire people to become a member of Specialty Merchandise Corporation. SMC continue to live to its promise to help people achieve their dreams and goals. Products sold by Specialty Merchandise Corporation and membership options Once a person becomes a member of Specialty Merchandise Corporation, he will have access to the more than 3,000 items sold by the company. The nature of the products varies greatly. One can find gift items, garden tools and home dcor at Specialty Merchandise Corporation. Members are entitled to different membership fee options. They will be given assistance by the company to set up the business model of their choice. Product catalogs can be customized depending on the choice of SMC products of the member and can include the business name of the owner. Memberships can either be Silver Plan or Gold Plan. There is no need to house your own inventory since you can choose to buy only when there is an order placed. Your membership will include a membership kit that gives you ten marketing options and some of them are mail order, home parties, internet and fund raising campaigns. Once you receive an order from a customer, you can simply place the order by the toll-free number of Specialty Merchandising Corporation and the company will be responsible in sending the product to your customer. This set-up is called the drop-shipping system. How can you make profits from SMC products Specialty Merchandise Corporation is not like any of the franchise businesses out in the industry. Franchise businesses require business owners to share some of their profits. SMC sells products at wholesale prices and will be given suggested retail prices for which they can sell the products. It is within the discretion of the member if he chooses to sell the products at a lesser price and generate income by the bulk of orders or he can sell the products with the suggested retail price. Members are updated on new products that are sold by Specialty Merchandise Corporation and its special promotions. Specialty Merchandise Corporation is perfect for home business and online stores. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: