Health Health and wellness seem to be the new age mantra. In keeping with this trend, the past few years have seenthe rapid sprouting of various health clubs in Pune . Looking good has always been in fashion, and in a city filled with youngsters, there are many takers for such offerings. Not just the young, but the not-so-young are also slowly waking up to the fact that the quality of life depends a lot on ones fitness. With an increased incidence of lifestyle diseases like diabetes and cardio-vascular disorders, people are taking to gyms and health clubs with much enthusiasm and gusto. The importance of good health cannot be overstated, and the people in Pune are fast adopting all the means necessary to stay fit and keep healthy. There are various such clubs in Pune that offer personalized health services to people. Well-equipped gyms like Golds Gym, Endurance Fitness Club, ABS Fitness and Wellness Club and Club Solaris, Pune, are some such fitness destinations. Offering state-of-the-art equipment, innovative exercise techniques, fine facilities such as a swimming pool and sauna, these gyms do more than keep you healthy; they elevate confidence levels and go a long way in keeping you happy. Golds Gym is one of the largest international gym chains, and is an established name in the fitness circles. It has several branches in Pune itself, and boasts some of the finest in fitness equipment including treadmills, elliptical trainers, steppers, rowers and cycles from equally renowned companies. A special area for weight training provides the space and weights required for those who wish to improve their weight, or build their body mass. Aerobics, salsa dancing, power yoga, taekwondo and body toning are other offerings in their bouquet. Trained coaches, instructors and dieticians work together to help you attain optimum results. The Endurance Fitness Club is another well-known name among Punes fitness enthusiasts. It offers training in strength, cardio and weights and has branches in E-Square on Ganeshkind Road, and Sohrab Hall on Sasoon Road. Talwalkars has been in Pune a long time. Offering fitness services since 1935, it has three branches in Pune, each bringing you the finest, personalized training. It also incorporates training for people with medical problems including back problems, diabetes and obesity into personalized fitness regimens. Club Solaris in Pune believes that relaxation and recreation lead to a sound mind in a sound body. In keeping with this philosophy, it offers stimulating games and entertainment over a vast area. Among all the clubs in Pune, Solaris is the largest sports club, which, apart from offering area for sports, also has a banquet hall where you may host parties. It is fair to say that the fitness fever is here to stay. As people grow more and more aware of the importance of good health, both mental and physical, and the importance of physical activity for the upkeep of both, they will always look for suitable options for health clubs where their fitness goals may be best accomplished. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: