Medicine Small instruments to fix disks, bone spurs, stenosis or fuse the spine are placed through the endoscope. Ebing ectremely tiny in size, it decreases damage to skin, muscle and bone. The skin incision is smaller then a fingernail (7-8 mm) and the muscles are dilated and pushed to the side by the small tube rather then retracted which minimizing muscle damage and back pain. Lumbar Spinal Stenosis is a condition affecting a vast majority of the over-60 age group. It can also be triggered by osteoarthritis, bone spurs, bulging or herniated discs, or injury or trauma to the spine. It can be hereditary, too. This condition can be treated with laser spine surgery. Perhaps no technology has captured the publics imagination more than the laser. The laser has helped empower and advance many fields of study, including a few areas of medicine. Laser Spine Surgery Approaches There are two laser-assisted techniques currently in practice. The first involves the insertion of a fiberoptic endoscope into the spinal canal through openings in the sacrum and vaporization of disks protrusions. The second involves a tiny incision or needle hole placed oblique to the spine, through which the disk is accessed and then incised with a laser. Brownie Points for Laser Spinal Surgery It is minimally invasive, which means there is little surgical damage done to the body. No muscles are cut, only shifted out of the way. No pointless damage and effective possible healing. Choosing the Right Laser Spinal Clinic Laser spine surgery is not usually available from most doctors offices as highly customized training and endoscopic instruments are required. It is for this reason that the ailing need to find a specialized laser spinal medical center. For those looking for laser treatment spine facility that provides treatment for those living in Tulsa, you neednt look any further. Same day spine provides specialized advance laser spine surgery where no muscles or bone are cut, scarring is minimized and the patient can leave the hospital the same day. If back pain is having an an impact on your quality of life, so not wait for a second longer and compromise to pain. Utilize our website to call or contact a Same Day Spine Institiute agent today and find out how they can make it easier to get back your life. About the Author: Jasmine Bilimoria is a research writer and a contributor with Same Day Spine. Same Day Spine Institute specializes in minimally invasive treatments of the spine, using latest cutting edge technologies, such as stem cells, laser discectomies, artificial discs, spinal cord stimulators, minimally invasive fusions, etc for spinal treatments. Article Published On: – Medicine – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: