The new Chinese luxury market occupied   high-end customers return to the traditional culture — real estate —     network people’s property market is the traditional peak season "golden nine silver ten" rujierzhi, housing prices more than its benchmark luxury wait extravaganza. SCE in the September opening of the luxury items,? Teamson, thaihot? West courtyard, Longhu opened the first day, Longhu Lang?? Jing Lin, the original urban construction? In the new Chinese government’s reputation as. Luxury market bid farewell to the United States and Europe has always been the wind, the new Chinese style design gradually occupy the mainstream.     recently, Longhu hailun sun Hedi Wang Jinglin in the original model for the first time opening up, "to do a Chinese model" slogan to attract a large number of media attention. Jing Lin original product innovation is reflected in the dust, and the project in the Oriental aesthetic conception in the design, is the organic combination of traditional culture and modern architecture. Some media sources said: "the original king Lin Longhu is more like" the original series "three upgraded version of the product, the image that is iPhone4 to iPhone7". Longhu Jing Lin? Original       the breakdown of the Beijing property market, through the Oriental aesthetic design concept has not only become the top luxury enterprises proud of the product line, but also by consumers. From the earlier market selling luxury Taihe yard series, willow school, beiheyan a seven seven, ocean day the spring and Autumn period, to the recent appearance of the SCE, thaihot? Teamson? Longhu Jing Lin Xifu courtyard, the original?. It is not difficult to find, high-end customer groups are quietly changing the aesthetic.     Real Estate Research Institute, China Index Research Institute, the head of the previous domestic high-end buyers as a whole preference for western style villas and apartments, the current demand is changing. We can see that the new Chinese in the market more and more popular, especially in the field of high-end luxury. In Beijing, most high-end villa products into the Chinese elements." He said.     today’s luxury market can reflect the psychological changes in the customer preferences and tastes, the wealth of people in Europe and the United States is losing interest in luxury." Jing Lin original marketing person in charge of the media at the meeting said, "from the aspects of landscape design, the sense of space, lighting, a combination of Chinese style and modern architecture technology of the new Chinese architecture is the most consistent with the living habits of China family."     China with the enhancement of comprehensive national strength, the number of people of wealth ranked second in the world, national pride is also rising, people’s consumption structure and consumer behavior are beginning to show the trend of local culture and aesthetic regression. "The nation is the world" this standard also applies to the luxury market.     July, British Sotheby’s international real estate company began selling in Suzhou with a set of 32 bedroom houses, the price of nearly 1 billion, lead to foreign media attention. This covers an area of 6689 square meters of luxury called "Suzhou the Peach Garden", known as China’s most expensive residential. The Peach Garden villa in Suzhou   &nb)相关的主题文章: