"We do not belong to the listed century": the greatest debut? – Sohu in 2013, a   study; called Matthew? Thomas’s name, a sensation throughout the London Book Fair, Simon? Schuster with more than US $one million to buy his novels "does not belong to our century" copyright. The signing of the S& S editor Marysue Ricci said in her letter to the bookstore industry in a letter: "I am in the publication of this work will soon be full twenty years, if I have to wait twenty years to hit a" do not belong to us "century novels like this, then I also Gansu may." This is known as the "master of the first novel, a listing will be sweeping the nation literary circles, also listed include" Guardian first prize "," Flaherty Dunnan first prize "and" Frio prize for literature and including a number of award nominations. "Entertainment Weekly" reviewer Melissa? As the first time voice: "this is the best piece of literature since I Fran Cen read" corrective "." "We do not belong to the century" is Matthew devoted 10 years of effort to complete the first novel, has a certain degree of autobiography. The story revolves around the life of Irish American woman Aileen. After her husband suffered from early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, the family of three people’s lives and personal pursuit have suffered a strong impact, the author vividly depicts the reality and pain of the ordinary middle-class families. This epic novels, flowing deep emotion, more concentrated livelihood phenomena and the vicissitudes of life of American Society for more than half a century. If the flange Cen "freedom" is the idealistic elites and intellectuals, and Thomas "does not belong to our century" is more realistic, more close to the lives of ordinary people. The same is the writing of sickness and death, love and hate, longing for the pursuit of material life and worldly fame, no ideas in the book a sneer, more naked and sincere emotion, profound sympathy and understanding. Set daily and family three people, both Connell and Ed’s father and son, Aileen and Ed’s love between husband and wife, Connell and Aileen’s neither friendly nor aloof muzizhiqing, and Aileen and Sergei that no need to let others know the indescribable feelings through a large number of authors daily life trivial details description, is true and sincere very moved. "We do not belong to the" century so far has now sold in Britain, Germany, France, Holland, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Russia, Greece, Hungary, Brazil, Korea, Czech and other more than ten in copyright, and "Entertainment Weekly", "New York Times", "Publishers weekly", Amazon, Barnes & Noble. Named best novels, occupy the bestseller list head, harvest countless praise. The film also represented by the copyright as "the newsroom", "Budapest Hotel", "Dragon Tattoo Girl", "old men", "the social network" the Hollywood producer Scott Rudin purchased?. It is reported that, does not belong to our century, the Chinese copyright has been purchased by the Guangxi science press. Will be officially listed in the domestic market in mid August.相关的主题文章: