The applicant can be filled with 150 points in the main urban areas to set (Peninsula morning, Haili network chief reporter Wang Lin) reporter was informed that, in accordance with the State Council, the provincial government and the municipal government to actively promote the reform of the household registration system of work requirements, improve the city leading group Office of population structure on behalf of the municipal government drafted the "measures" and "Dalian household registration management in Dalian city the comprehensive index system and integral score". In order to enhance the transparency of government work, improve the scientific and universal policy, has been the "measures" and "Dalian city household registration management of Dalian city comprehensive index system and the" integral scores in the "Dalian City Public Administration Service Center" website (URL: public in December 2, 2016, by mail, email etc. a variety of ways to put forward opinions. Mailing address: Dalian District, North East Road, No. 101, Dalian City Public Administration Service Center, building F, District, the city of Dalian to improve the urban population structure leading group office window. E-mail: dlrkjgb@163. Reporters noted that the two content of the comments in the concern of the integral settled system has outlined the basic framework, the influence of nineteen kinds of the integral also provides a more detailed. Reporters visited the two documents, some of the key points were extracted. The measures for the administration of Dalian city residence chapter I General Provisions third working in the city, living outside personnel [without has been made in other countries (regions) of nationality or permanent residence qualification, the application of this approach to move into residence. Among them, the spouse of a married person, minor children shall be handled simultaneously. Fourth of the other towns household moved to the city of gold Pu District settled more than 5 years, moved to the city to city Migration Regulations; personnel in other areas less than 5 years and Pulandian District, city according to the provisions of staff to move outside. Article fifth the people’s governments at various levels shall be responsible for the organization and implementation of these measures within their administrative areas. Chapter sixth points second points settled in our city settled in the system including the achievement and integral integral integral integral, achievement is to reward the Dalian municipal government to give the high-end talent, achievement points, through the Easy Access handle settled; integral is personal and actual contribution into the corresponding score, total score reached the standard the scores can be set up for. According to the integral settled system to apply to move into the city settled personnel must be not subject to criminal penalties and did not participate in the organization or activities prohibited by the state. Special talent to enjoy the reward points seventh points: the following achievements recognized by the relevant departments or after the audit, the government can enjoy 200 reward points, and their spouses living together, minor children, parents can apply to settle down. (a) in accordance with the "Dalian talent service management approach", "Dalian City talent identification and Implementation Rules" provisions, approved for high level talents in our city (domestic and overseas top talent, national leading talent, local leading talent);       (two) Liaoning province the national and ministerial level natural science award, technological invention award, science and technology.相关的主题文章: