A crisis? James Taylor and programs provided Romance language not shake hands rub Vacanti romance not language Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reported small days Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift) with hiddleston (Tom Hiddleston) June exposed the affair, in 2 months they flew around the world put put flash non-stop, 24 are foreign media "UsWeekly" reports and they don’t have too much time to get along, so the two sides played a major dispute, feeling cool quickly. As early as 2 love came when there are many friends that love with Taylor Swift hiddleston finally destroyed in "Thor", "night" the acting manager shall open image, after 2 people to fly around the world, and the national day of the United States on the beach to celebrate the flash at the beginning of July; then they visit each other parents. Sources pointed out that all behavior is Taylor Swift under the guidance of chess. But recently came the 2 love because time is not open, can not always meet disputes, informed sources said: "every day they have so much work to do, can not always meet and make them feel very depressed." In August 2 people began to produce a dispute, the feelings of both cool hiddleston days before on the show talked about love and even rub down without a word, let users have to guess whether the crisis has begun to love. ETToday text相关的主题文章: