Ivy: mothers send their children to the wonderful life and the concept of Science Education – reading Sohu page first: basic information   Author: Chen Yi Zhang Lianying, Publisher: late Yun Beijing World Book Inc published: September 2016 the editors: they are a group of passionate mother, they are a group of gentle mother in their journey of life accompany the child into the Ivy League they have never stopped their self training this is dedicated to all the mothers and children to the Ivy League education notes content basello to the Ivy League university, is the world’s many children dream. Ivy League school is out of reach? As a mother to accompany the child’s growth, help the children into their ideal university, take a good first step in life? This book contains 20 Ivy mother’s parenting stories, from many aspects of the mother’s own growth, choose to live in the community, to create a family environment, children’s basic education, apply for the University as reader meanders their experiences. This book is not only the mother of the perception of family education, but also have their own reflection on the growth of their mothers. On the background of the author: Chen Yi, Zhang Lianying, Chi Yun 20 mothers, their children were enrolled in an Ivy League college, in the training and education of children’s experience. Most of them were born in twentieth Century 50s and 60s, a columnist, scholars, publishers etc. among them. As a new generation of parents, they accompany their children out of their lives in the first step of success, at the same time, but also actively realize their value, and their children grow together. [text] series of more than four years ago, my daughter and I dialogue scene was quite clear. Karen told me that she wrote a book called "the act of madness" (Lunacy). I say we readily home now seems to be quite mad, at that time, we have a happy day. It was just after the new year in 2012, and he went back to work in china. I work to travel a lot, the son has just been to the town’s high school. We are struggling to wait until her daughter after graduating from high school in June, went back to China to live, so that the home was crazy. After laughing, Karen told me that "crazy behavior" is the title of her book. She wanted to write a lot of scenes and stories to write, the name is very appropriate, and she is still writing two sequels. This is a torrent, hit me dizzy. I don’t know what to say. I remember a friend once told me that it is very important to keep the flow of communication with the children, do not act like a fuss, to share the fun of the children did not scare. So, although I was very surprised, but did not dare to say anything. It is important to suggest that she is still important. Karen likes to express since childhood. Both dancing and singing, painting, swimming, martial arts, or play the violin, are her favorite activities. Because she grew up in a kindergarten in the company.相关的主题文章: