Cold on the China VR heat under the less standard, lack of content – the news agency of the new network in Shanghai on 16 September, (Zheng Yingying) "is a piece of equipment, a theme park, here on 16, the opening of the Shanghai international science Expo, Shanghai de CEO De Zhen Zhang quasi intelligent technology with the new reporter summed up the intelligent car behind him. This device is sought after by the audience is called VR roller coaster, according to reports, it uses VR virtual reality technology, can simulate the world’s 47 theme park roller coaster experience. In addition, with the aid of three-dimensional rotation device, but also can be applied to racing, flying and other games. Reporters experience is simcoaster a theme park in the United States, approximately 1 minutes long, driving the seat, fasten the safety belt, wear VR glasses have been "in" the roller coaster, there is blue sky grass, slow rise and rapid decline, tilt, downhill, very similar to play roller coaster the car in the real world experience, especially the weightlessness and sense of rotation. To say what the difference is probably only one person playing roller coaster a little unrealistic". Although the equipment has been put into the market, a town on the current VR hot market still had some doubts, "the industry is not standard; the glasses technology is still not good enough, may cause dizziness." He believes that the development of VR is the direction of the future, but the current market is not much good content. Zhang town has the same and many businesses. In this exhibition, Einstein rely on the VR platform resurrection, and greet the audience interaction. But the emergence of this scene of the exhibitors, Shanghai hanttu technology general manager Qian Deyu that will take time to the development and application of VR, the "VR" test now or some goods ", not mature, experience is very poor." And he said that the current VR hardware do better, or Microsoft and other well-known foreign companies, domestic enterprises are still lack of competitiveness. In spite of this, will be set up for the first time from the Shanghai Cobo VR carnival, or "industry, development prospects of" VR products used in games, education, health, sports and other fields, with the printing of the daily life of the people is getting closer. Look "very safe" VR bicycle, wear VR glasses to start riding after sight is a very thrilling scene: a hanging high in the sky the road extends forward, is suspended on both sides of Stonehenge, at the foot of the mountains and lake. Although it is known as a virtual environment, but the picture is realistic, so that some of the feet of the reporter soft, riding forward, the scene rapidly changing. The last game, who use the least time, fitness bike in the game. VR technology has also been applied to fire safety science. Wearing VR glasses, the participants presented in front of fire scene kitchen, living room and bedroom, in front of many types of fire extinguishers, need to reach out to choose the right, and then started fighting, "wrong, there will be" explosion "," experience, the side of the Shanghai jietu technical staff said Ma jiawang. He said that the application has appeared in some communities in Shanghai. After years of development, VR technology finally out of the laboratory, and gradually commercial applications. Despite the lack of industry standards, hardware needs)相关的主题文章: