Ridicule each other the first grade Chen Jianbin Anita Yuen becomes the second severe error correction expression package Sina entertainment news frequently in Hunan satellite TV "- the first grade graduation season" in Chen Jianbin and Anita Yuen [micro-blog] [micro-blog], from time to time between the two bicker picture let friends shouted: love! The previous show in Chen Jianbin’s "legend", "actress" Anita Yuen became the most expensive group play, and in this period, "the first grade graduation season" students will be aboard the Golden Eagle Festival ceremony, when Chen Jianbin in the background for all rehearsals, acting experienced Anita because frequently forget the word Chen Jianbin criticized the grievance to deformation. Not "enemy"! Chen Jianbin Anita Yuen love to kill the previous show, award for best new director Chen Jianbin directed the "the first grade graduation season" version of "legend", so users hooked, instantly triggered a martial arts drama collective memories. Among them, in addition to Julian Cheung [micro-blog] Guo Jing again after a lapse of 22 years, causing hot friends, actress Anita Yuen self image ugly passerby also let the audience remember. More netizens commented: "let ‘Miss Hong Kong actress +" double ring body Anita ugly sister go to walk on, estimated that only Chen Jianbin can do that!" Chen Jianbin Anita Yuen stunned aura burst table pressure frequently forget the words the latest episode, "the first grade graduation season" of all the teachers and students invited to board the "Golden Eagle Festival Awards ceremony, the opening ceremony of the stage. For the first time on such a formal occasion, not only the students nervous, even experienced teachers have repeatedly practice, and strive to perfect. During the rehearsal, Chen Jianbin penned the entire process, from language to action, every detail of excellence. See "the emperor" so harsh and strict, the stage experienced actress Anita Yuen has also stressed, often forget the words, mistakes, harsh criticism by Chen Jianbin, the second flying Anita face expression package, grievance to deformation. With the guidance of Chen Jianbin stern, and a student teacher this out in force, the Golden Eagle Festival debut will be full of surprise. (commissioning editor: Daihatsu)相关的主题文章: