Zhangzhou 10 year old boy was playing a joke by bike at Shen speed (Figure) Taiwan network October 8th news (Strait Herald (micro-blog) in October 5th 22 PM, during National Day, highway traffic surge, suddenly appeared a little boy figure: he was riding a bike, ready to burst into the Zhaoan Shen speed station. At that time, Zhaoan toll stations are small entrance for the following seven minibuses and free Paul Chang, see the dangerous situation, immediately shouted, "danger, quickly pull over!" At this time, the little boy was pulled up down. It turned out that the boy is 10 years old, who lives in Zhangzhou County, Zhaoan, the United States and the United States, with the National Day in Dongshan County to do business parents home. 5 evening, his father went out to attend the party, the mother went out to buy things. Neighbors a small boy would joke to deceive the little boy said: "your dad to find the ‘three small’ Dongshan, your mother angry ran to chase." Unexpectedly, a joke, but let the boy angrily to rush to the Dongshan father. After the safety education for the little boy, Xiao Xu immediately contacted his parents. Then the little boy was brought back by his parents. (reporter Lin Xiaoqi correspondent Zheng Hua Lin original plus chapter Wentu)相关的主题文章: