Lost spirit beauty fat Huang Lei why is God? Wen Wen Shui Sina column recently Luo Jun recently, there is a face of self willed teacher Huang Lei opened a door to offend the half entertainment". Because of their appearance inferiority and keen on cosmetic male guests recently boarded Jiangsu TV "to" If You Are The One, set off a debate about the topic of plastic surgery, Huang Lei’s suggestion is that influence value for men very little Yan, "we like entertainment, the best recognized actors who are not cosmetic face, but by the Ministry of works, to convince the audience, to win the audience." When Huang Lei said this sentence, we think of, young Huang Lei how yan. If the son of the long haired Prince of literature and art, put this now more look at the face of the entertainment industry, may be higher than the previous year’s popularity. Later, however, the belly of the increasingly wide waist circumference of the wide male god, but he has become a happy man. But in any case, Huang Lei Yan Yan, the earth people know. So a netizen said, Huang Lei teacher you are talking. You have Yan, your whole family has Yan, you can say Yan value is not important, but let us these do not have how to live? But in a sense, these years of Huang Lei, it is the face of the entertainment industry face, and even the Chinese people value of the big discussion of the best answer. In this more than ordinary people look at the face of entertainment, Huang Lei made the choice, just to prove that a lot of things are more important than good-looking". So, why is it so important to Huang Lei? "The first half of life depends on the face, after half of the brain," Huang Lei is done, but if he began to look like Huang Bo, but also into a male god? In the eyes of the public, the entertainment so many men of God, seems to be the only Huang Lei, with his own career or cut down the middle into two sections — "first half by Yan, life on the brain". Huang Lei wunderkind, rely on. It is said that Kaige Chen will see a document according to Huang Lei, took him as "sang" the actor, and Huang Lei was only 18 years old, just admitted to Nortel, not filmed drama. Then Leslie Cheung and starred in "Midnight Song", was a Hongkong audience said the 24 year old Huang Lei are too pretty brother. But what Huang Lei the gods, or "world in April day". The zaibiekangqiao Xu Zhimo, I do not know how many literary young woman regarded him as a husband. There are "I think I was the sea," the early years of literary records, in the Taiwan record company to build, dressed in long hair Huang Lei became a literary man in the classic. Huang Lei’s face, also reached the peak at that time. But for the color value to the benefits of their own, the parties often have a perfect, even highly. Then talked about the time of the male god, Huang Lei said, when the art of youth, everyone left this hairstyle, I just follow suit". He didn’t think he was red. In the eyes of Huang Lei seems to be not a thing. So now let’s suppose, if Huang Lei looks like Huang Bo, and the papers that he saw in the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year. "" "" ""相关的主题文章: