A woman to the earthquake to donate 50 thousand in red called "ungrateful" woman wearing red in regards to earthquake victims comment screenshot original title: Taiwan women’s 50 thousand donation to the earthquake stricken areas due to wear red clothes and condolences to the victims but netizens attack "ungrateful" in February 12th, Taiwan seventh days after the earthquake, rescue is still underway, the storm of public opinion constantly. 12, according to the Taiwan news network reported, Taiwan netizen exposure of a red woman in the area before the building collapse took pictures of the photo, attracted many users and. After that, the woman in red is a member of the charity units in New Taipei City long. Women responded that the day was on New Year’s Eve, she took 25.6 NT $(about 51 thousand yuan, observer network note) to the scene donated to the affected households, did not expect to do good, but was ridiculed by netizens. She also said that the matter intolerable, already alarm. Unexpectedly, this counterattack once again attracted criticism…… Online photos, some netizens accused the woman "no conscience", to the disaster area wearing big red clothes, still in the collapse of the building before the group photo taken. The woman then confessed that the day she was wearing a red shirt to the scene was careless. "Because I was wearing it at home, and I rushed out without thinking too much."." The woman said the mocking words let her very hurt, netizens picture story, their concern about the victims to the scene sent condolences to Kim, charity but for ruthless abuse. The woman said that she had called the police concerned. Subsequently, the blogger who took the lead in the photo deleted the photos on Facebook and apologized to the client. The dispute among netizens has not subsided. Many users believe that the Taiwan woman because it is Sue ignore their responsibilities, "pictures at the scene of the disaster, even the love also will be greatly reduced, people will go to the funeral house photo?" Some people think, "wearing red clothes, take pictures also mouth up, background pick in the scene, it is difficult not to be misunderstood", "all know where to go, should be low-key."". Things spread to the mainland, micro-blog users also different opinions. Most people don’t like to take pictures in front of the ruins, but in red…… Editor in chief: SN226

台女子向地震灾区捐5万 穿红衣被骂“没良心” 穿红衣女子在慰问地震伤者 网友评论截图   原标题:台湾女子捐款5万到地震灾区慰问灾民却因穿红色衣服被网友攻击“没良心”   2月12日,台湾震后第7天,救援还在进行,舆论风波不断。据台湾新闻网12日报道,有台湾网友曝光了一张红衣女子在灾区塌楼前合影留念的照片,引来众多网友的口诛笔伐。后经证实,红衣女子是新北市某慈善单位理事长。   女子回应称,当天正值除夕,她带着25.6万新台币(约5.1万人民币,观察者网注)前往现场捐给受灾户,没想到做善事却被网友嘲讽。她还表示,对此事忍无可忍已经报警。没想到,这种反击再次招来非议……   网上流传的照片中,有网友指责这名女子“没良心”,到灾区穿大红色衣服,还在坍塌的大楼前合影留念。   当 事女子随后坦承当天穿红衣到现场是疏忽,“因为我在家里就是穿这样,没想太多就冲出去了。”女子称网友的冷言冷语让她非常受伤,网友们看图说故事,自己到 现场关心灾民发慰问金,善举却换来无情谩骂。女子表示已报警向相关人士提告。随后,率先曝光照片的博主删除了facebook上的有关照片,并向当事人道 歉。   网友们的争议却没有因此平息。很多台湾网友认为女子因此事提告是漠视了自己的责任,“在灾难现场合照,就算是献爱心也要大打折扣,有人会去殡仪馆前合照吗?”   也有人认为,“穿着大红衣服,拍照还嘴角上扬,背景挑在出事现场,很难不被人误会”、“都知道要去哪了,应该低调点”。   事情传到大陆,微博网友也意见各异。多数人不赞同在废墟前拍照,但穿红衣…… 责任编辑:苏未然 SN226相关的主题文章: