The 8 thing to do especially the toilet is not first people now do not take the mobile phone into the toilet will not pull out at home when I was old mother scolded, was behind the old love long hemorrhoids 5555 ~ today in a small series of painful experience, say Baba can not do things. Don’t do 8 things [toilet] 1, playing mobile phone, reading: used to play mobile phone on the toilet, reading the newspaper, often a squat is a small half day. However, squatting too long will make the pelvic venous blood flow is blocked, vascular expansion, easy to induce hemorrhoids, and even lost the sensitivity of the rectum to fecal stimulation, over time will cause constipation, severe will induce intestinal cancer. The toilet will make a temporary sedentary brain insufficiency, prone to syncope and falls phenomenon up, especially chronic illness, frail, elderly, and more prone to accidents. 2, do not flush the toilet lid: flush the toilet, we always used to press the sluice was done, in fact, this is wrong, then the bacteria may be the opportunity to enter the air, so it is best to lay down the lid again. 3, rose too fast for itself to patients with cardiovascular disease, if too long squat toilet, defecation immediately after the rise, easily lead to transient defects induced by dizziness, vertigo, fall accident risk. Usually the older people are more likely to be injured, especially in the elderly over the age of 85, half of the people are often injured in the toilet. 4, forced defecation: people forced defecation, abdominal wall muscle and diaphragmatic muscle contraction, increased abdominal pressure, a sudden increase in blood pressure may induce cerebral hemorrhage, myocardial oxygen consumption increased to induce angina, myocardial infarction and arrhythmia, severe cases can lead to death. 5, hold too long too long: bieniao urination is a risk, because hold too long will lead to excessive vagal activity, bladder emptying too fast, lead to a drop in blood pressure, heart rate, brain insufficiency, and induce micturition syncope. If you can not promptly after the rescue, there is a risk of life. 6, more than ten minutes on the toilet: a toilet control on the line in the ten minutes. In defecation, the intestinal tract per square centimeter to withstand the pressure of more than a dozen kilograms. Bowel habits are not good, such as reading on the toilet, a bowel movement time is too long, and often so, it will cause intestinal mucosa prolapse, leading to habitual constipation, hemorrhoids and other diseases. 7, men do not sit down immediately after urination: male physiological structure is special, the urethra is longer, after urination, urethral internal and external sphincter will be closed, so that the urethra of the prostate gland to form a closed cavity. If the time to sit down immediately, will increase the closed cavity pressure, easy to cause the residual urine reflux, which gives the urethra bacteria to an opportunity to cause prostatitis. PS: after urination, you can use your fingers to squeeze between the scrotum and anus. This will not only make the residual urine in the bladder, but also for the treatment of chronic prostatitis has some benefits. Can enhance the contractility of levator ani movement will pudendal muscle and urethral muscle, so as to minimize the residual urine. 8, wiping from back to front: Women privates don’t look down on such a small action, it is very easy to cause female urinary tract infection. Wipe the right women privates action should be from front to back rub. Mody相关的主题文章: