Passport and appreciation! Peru with Argentina, conditional visa for Chinese! – a few days ago by the Argentina tourism Sohu just to China "visa" message scraper, now officially confirmed! Now log on to the official website of the Argentina Immigration Bureau, fill in the application form, hand over $50, as long as 10 days to sign and there is a Chinese interface, is not super intimate? This is the history of the country’s most difficult visa to China’s policy of opening up, do you want to go? Here: Argentina electronic visa application system:: and this is not the end! Yesterday, another South American country followed suit and announced a visa free policy! Yes, according to the latest news, Peru is about to open to China in September 21, 2016 conditional visa free! Here: the official document of Peru: case (figure from the micro signal great journey) really think, Peru has so quietly staged a big news! Probably there are so few specific policies: holding a valid passport must have China America, Canada, Britain and Northern Ireland, Australia or Schengen EU member states at least six months visa visa to enter Peru. The same is above national long-term residence to China passport visa in Peru also. The length of stay is not more than 180 days. The regulations from September 21, 2016 began formal implementation. Simply put, that is, the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia, Shen Genqian can be signed into Peru! Well, although the conditions are free of charge, it is also free to sign ah! So the question is, why should you go to Peru? Because here comes the most early American history of human civilization; because it has a unique and mysterious vicissitudes of life; the photo Sean donkey because there is the Inca Empire "Lost City"; the photo Sean donkey because there is a gorgeous and desolate wilderness; photo donkey Sean because there is a unique local customs and practices Sean; photo because there will be more ass visa! But Peru and Bolivia, Chile has signed free, bordering Ecuador, one can stroll around all the way to the! DIO Pakistan Tusa full of mystery and beauty of Peru, what should be how to play? Come and listen to swim brother slowly come! 01 | lost city of Machu Picchu who said that, if not to go to Machu Picchu to Peru, it was white! Figure envy555 Machu Picchu is located in the south of Peru, this beautiful and mysterious, is the best preserved Inca ruins before the Columbo period. Wisdom and faith hidden in the majestic building, so deeply. Photo of donkey Sean when the sun rises, large tracts of sunshine radiation in Machu Picchu building, a mesmerising beauty. Photo Sean donkey herds of alpacas has become the Machu Picchu scenery, can be said to come to Machu Picchu, it is a taste of the Inca civilization相关的主题文章: