Before the explosion jiaduobao executives leave factory production staff super reduced procurement former employees broke huge shock jiaduobao executives leave factory production source: Beijing financial channel [Beijing] financial reporter Fang Yuan news September 13th, JDB and Wang Laoji for many years. After losing to jiaduobao weakened recently, with JDB employees claimed that JDB group in Fujian, Zhejiang, Beijing and other places of the factory production lines have been discontinued. In addition, only more than and 10 of the group’s senior executives leave nearly half, while the former CEO Yang star has resigned at the end of 2015, party secretary Pang Zhenguo was about to leave. JDB is facing factory production, sales decline, the dilemma of senior concussion. A jiaduobao five year service staff told reporters that the current JDB Fujian factory output has fallen by half, and serious. Every factory has 2 production lines, each production line of annual output of about 700 thousand cans, but from the end of last year, the factory has been removed, the production line staff halfway, be affected and JDB around the plants. For this event, Beijing time reporter to consult the JDB group public relations department, public relations department responsible person said did not know. Accused of disguised layoffs affected by the turbulence level plant shutdowns, jiaduobao internal has begun layoffs "secretly". A reporter with a number of production line staff learned to communicate, the recent performance appraisal of staff tighter JDB group. The reporters found that in a technical personnel exposed JDB penalties on the list, and in May of this year, the employee to work overtime because of hospitalization by the company as go-slow, leading to 20 demerit. The staff said, this means that the performance and the end of thousands of Yuan year-end bonus will be wasted. The first is a demerit or It is without rhyme or reason., appeal to higher authorities is of no use. Have the same experience with my colleagues in the minority, but they silently endure, because you work, we don’t want to leave." Technical staff complained to reporters. It is reported that the staff had said publicly without deduction of performance and demerit, jiaduobao year-end bonus in disguised layoffs, in order to force employees to leave. Figure jiaduobao technical personnel to reporters punishment single from the external information to understand, at the end of last year, JDB group of each department layoffs ratio as high as 40%, and the first half of this year, the number of layoffs at the grassroots level staff of about 1200 people. A concentrated juice JDB Hangzhou plant employees claimed that the management of employee turnover and even urged every day. The pressure also let JDB senior management turmoil frequently, according to the Beijing Times reporter learned, jiaduobao former CEO Yang aixing leaving soon, is responsible for the quality control department deputy general manager Wang Yuegui was transferred, transfer of international business. In addition, party secretary Pang Zhenguo was rumored to leave. There are jiaduobao internal staff revealed that many jobs are close relatives of the JDB group in order to compete for the high position occupied in fighting never stop. Offline channel sales fell significantly reduce the amount of procurement in 2014, due to the red cans and Wang Laoji dispute相关的主题文章: