Beijing – VIDEO – Sun Zhongshan visit in Japan: do Chinese school education to save the country visits Sun Zhongshan in Japan do pioneer of Chinese School: commentary: on the eve of the first education to save the nation the 150 anniversary of the birth of Mr. Sun Zhongshan, we came to Japan in Yokohama, who visited the he founded the Yokohama Yamate Chinese school. This school was founded in 1898, Sun Zhongshan experienced a failed uprising is exile in Japan, called on the contributions of overseas Chinese school, received a warm response. Today, the school after the war, earthquakes and other damage, destroyed several degrees, and several degrees of reconstruction, has 118 years of history. Over the same period: Zhang Yansong, President of the Chinese School of mountain hand because he (Sun Zhongshan) idea to save the country inside the education, I hope the overseas Chinese to establish overseas Chinese School in Yokohama. Later is to Yokohama xingzhonghui as the main force, we call the Yokohama overseas Chinese created our school, the school was named Yokohama Datong school, this is also the world’s first modern Chinese school. Commentary: Yamate Chinese school at the beginning of the school is Mr. Sun Zhongshan’s idea of adhering to the education to save the nation, professor at the children of overseas Chinese advanced scientific knowledge, but also to cultivate the knowledge of history and culture, because the poor, even once opened a military course. Over the same period: Zhang Yansong, President of the Chinese School of mountain hand, was a student of our school at that time. You can see that the student knows that this is the primary school for all the people who are armed with guns and rifles. Why are you holding a gun? Because when China backward in the late Qing Dynasty at that time, the military is backward, so to cultivate excellent military talents, later returned to the motherland to serve the motherland, so from the primary school of military knowledge. So here are the more famous people Cai E, Liang Qichao’s students. This is our school, military education early are here to learn, then these students, some students went to Germany to study military, military personnel, the first school that the school is our school, now this is the sixth generation of the school, this is the first generation of buildings, this is 1898 Yokohama Datong school, wrote this Datong school, this school is actually hanging the flag and the flag of the Qing Dynasty in japan. This is the case when Sun Zhongshan came to Yokohama. This is Sun Zhongshan sitting in the middle, around many of these are our school alumni, parents, community leaders, this is the year of Sun Zhongshan in Yokohama at the time of the interview the overseas chinese. Commentary: in today’s Japan Kanto region, if an old overseas Chinese can speak fluent reading Chinese, then he must have graduated from the Yamate Chinese school. If Sun Zhongshan had founded Yamate Chinese school is planted a seed, then the seed has blossomed in the contemporary. China News Agency reporter Yokohama, Japan reported key words: classification Name: Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan相关的主题文章: