Ten big problems: new car insurance car service bundled sales are still as "unspoken rule" — people.com.cn car — people.com.cn original title: ten major problems: the new car service bundled insurance sales is still the "unspoken rule" in the 4S store for consumers Car Buying or maintenance of vehicles, beware of bundling, increase and improve the working hours fees for various Maoni, yesterday, Chinese quality promotion will be exposed ten big problems of automobile service field, such as the "three pack" is difficult to implement, high prices of spare parts, medicine, minor repairs with replacement and other consumer traps. This year, will promote the quality of the north of Guangzhou and other 16 provinces and cities in the automotive market 179 4S store quality special investigation through questionnaire, interview, thorough investigation and other forms of hot issues of high rate of sales and customer service service complaint investigation. Investigation shows, bundling or car loans, the sale of insurance products to test drive the car accident and increase the phenomenon still exists. In addition, the car three package policy is still difficult to implement. Survey shows that the current car insurance car sales is still tied "unspoken rule". In addition to the profits of insurance, to attract owners to maintain the main purpose. Once an accident occurs, the 4S shop in the repair of dangerous condition of proper repairs and improve than usual hours fee. Quality promotion will be pointed out that consumers have the right to choose the right to purchase insurance, 4S stores have no right to violate the wishes of buyers or other additional unreasonable insurance conditions. In addition, the sale of test drive car accident still exists. Consumers have complained that in March 2015 to buy a Volvo car imports in Beijing yuan wo 4S stores, sales manager told the car only lasted for half a year, only to do with the test, did not occur in any collision and any accident. But this accident that consumers at the time of renewal, the car was in danger, the amount of claims 45196 yuan. As of now, Volvo and auto 4S shop is still in mutually making excuses. (commissioning editor Dou Ming and Wu Xiaoqin)相关的主题文章: