Chang Sisi first appeared in Black Halter Dress, postpartum graceful entertainment news on September 20th at a Tencent art exhibition held in Beijing, Wang Zhongjun, Yundi Li, Qing Dong and other celebrities have been invited to attend, during the famous young singer Chang Sisi dressed in a stylish and elegant black dress appeared in the scene, as the star studded exhibition adds a touch of beautiful style. The same day, singer Chang Sisi dressed in a Black Halter skirt yet low-key gorgeous clothing type tailored collocation exquisite diamond handbags, exquisite makeup appropriately, revealing the behavior between only belong to her elegant mature and straightforward self. This is following Chang Sisi’s eight months pregnant belly in "I am a singer for Jeff Chang help sing 4" after the first public appearance, is returning to the same shape, and quickly restore the body when asked the secret, Chang Sisi smiled and answered is to maintain a positive fitness every day. In the process of the exhibition, Chang Sisi also has his own views on the paintings on display, she thinks many paintings of the exhibition shows the creators of a strong sense of self, as she dared to Changxin in music. As a young singer, Chang Sisi also because of superior strength and innovation into the coloratura singing songs of wide concern, she also revealed that the next will have a travel plan, trying to fusion of classical music with elements of fashion, the pursuit of their own dreams. At the same time, Chang Sisi said that it will bring more fresh songs, I believe there is a unique artistic perception of her new work will be more exciting surprises.相关的主题文章: