Changsha real estate registration queuing overnight 5 major initiatives will solve the processing to the original title: "Changsha real estate registration queuing overnight," continued: 5 major initiatives to solve the rush difficult video review: Changsha City real estate registration center: people lined up overnight for cattle infested had spotted the business report: Changsha real property registration people queuing overnight Tucao comparable to the spring "Changsha news November 7th November 1st net net time news" Changsha real estate registration queuing overnight public Tucao comparable to the spring "sparked heated online debate. At present, the report has aroused great attention Changsha municipal government and relevant departments in Hunan Province, and has taken a series of measures to alleviate the situation of "rush". Today, Changsha City real estate registration center secretary and director Wen Deyong accept red net reporter interview, the net news release time further deal with policy and plan. "Good news."! Changsha City Real Estate Registration Center (the benevolent Park) can make an appointment one day in advance!" On November 3rd, a news spread in Changsha intermediary circle. Today, the public and agency to Changsha City real estate registration formalities Center found that the original 9:00 open window one hour ahead of the formalities of foreign. "Net" reported Changsha real estate registration queuing overnight public Tucao comparable to the spring ", triggered a strong public opinion." Wen Deyong told reporters that the manuscript has attracted great attention, Changsha municipal government leaders in November 4th, according to the current situation of the public "rush", related to the leadership of Changsha municipal government to the benevolent Park Road and the real estate registration point of on-the-spot investigation, a comprehensive understanding of the Changsha City real estate registration window, poor working environment, the public long queues, scalpers rampant, and held a special meeting on the real estate registration problems were studied and the full deployment of the next step of the work. According to the spirit of the meeting, Changsha City real estate registration center and took a series of measures, the first is the extension of Business Hours." According to Wen Deyong introduction, from the beginning of November 7th, working days in advance to 8:00 18:00 to delay work, work, work overtime weekend arrangements. In addition, to further improve the processing speed, the optimization and upgrading of the registration system, establish a mechanism to tackle difficult problems, simplify administrative procedures. We have also added a window." Wen Deyong said, people feel the most intuitive is to improve efficiency, has been from the benevolent Park Real Estate Building Municipal Construction Committee in two out of the window window, and the road of real estate registration two buildings are speeding up the time to ensure that the decoration, put into use before the lunar new year. At the same time, filed by Furong District Public Security Bureau, the "yellow party" investigation blow, combined with the resident police, streets and other related departments to strengthen the external governance and control, and strive to eradicate "scalpers". The reporter learned that, in order to solve the accreditation personnel gap, Changsha City real estate registration center will increase in the series and the staff, and the public key, open recruitment and other means, to ensure that the new staff in place as soon as possible. "The first half of next year, we will be in the south of the addition of a real estate registration, further ease the situation to rush." Wen Deyong called. (Red Net Times reporter)

长沙不动产登记通宵排队 5大举措将解决办证难原标题:“长沙不动产登记通宵排队”续:5大举措解决办证难回顾视频: 长沙市不动产登记中心:市民通宵排队办理 黄牛看准“商机”出没 此前报道:长沙不动产登记通宵排队 市民吐槽“堪比春运”红网长沙11月7日讯 11月1日红网时刻新闻报道的《长沙不动产登记通宵排队 市民吐槽“堪比春运”》引发了网络热议。目前,该报道已引起湖南省长沙市政府及相关部门的高度重视,研究并采取了一系列措施,缓解“办证难”的现状。今日,长沙市不动产登记中心书记、主任文德勇接受红网记者专访,通过红网时刻新闻进一步发布应对的政策及方案。“好消息!长沙市不动产登记中心(德政园)可以提前一天预约啦!”11月3日,一条消息在长沙中介圈传开。今日,前往长沙市不动产登记中心办理手续的市民及中介代理发现,原本9:00开放的窗口提前一个小时对外办理手续了。“红网报道的《长沙不动产登记通宵排队 市民吐槽“堪比春运”》后,引发了强烈的社会舆论。”文德勇告诉记者,稿件引起了长沙市委市政府领导的高度重视,11月4日,针对目前市民“办证难”的现状,长沙市政府相关领导前往德政园和晚报大道的不动产登记点实地考察,全面了解了长沙市不动产登记窗口工作环境差、市民排长队、“黄牛党”猖獗等情况,并召开了专题会议,就不动产登记目前面临的问题进行研究并对下一步工作进行全面部署。“根据会议精神,长沙市不动产登记中心研究并采取了一系列措施,首先是延长服务时间。”据文德勇介绍,从11月7日开始,工作日提前至8:00上班,延迟至18:00下班,周末适当安排加班。此外,进一步提高审批速度,优化升级登记系统,建立疑难问题处理机制,简化办事手续等。“我们还增加了办事窗口。”文德勇说,市民感受最直观的就是办事效率的提高,目前已从德政园房产大楼的市住建委窗口中调出两个窗口,而晚报大道不动产登记点二楼正在抓紧时间装修,确保农历新年之前投入使用。与此同时,由芙蓉区公安分局立案,对“黄牛党”进行调查打击,同时联合驻地派出所、街道等相关部门,加强外围治理和控制,力求彻底根治“黄牛党”。记者了解到,为解决办证人员的缺口,长沙市不动产登记中心将增加在编和聘用人员,并通过公开选调、公开招聘等多种方式,确保新增人员尽快到位。“明年上半年,我们还将在城南增设一个不动产登记点,进一步缓解办证难的现状。”文德勇称。(红网 时刻新闻记者 岳瑾 杨烊)相关的主题文章: