Chen Shu premiere costume drama Hai Quan shock – Beijing artist agency Beijing September 17 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ma Haiyan) well-known artists Chen Shu and Hu Haiquan today announced the first stage debut, a costume drama "try to choose day mind", a new pan entertainment announced that it will build the Internet artist management attribute. Two people attended the film Tencent conference, introduced their change. The same day released a total of 21 film and television projects, Chen Shu starred in his own TV drama, select the days to remember platform. She introduced himself in the play to play after the corner, played so many years of play, never played costume drama, I did not expect to come up with a queen. Thanks for making such a high level of play." Hu Haiquan is confident of entering the artist brokerage. Said Chen Shu, born out of the network big IP "" choose day mind is a young growth story that will bring you different feeling. Hu Haiquan took office as boss. Have been singing about 20 years Hai Quan found that the audience has been from the past to the actors on the stage look and worship, to need to participate in the process of manufacturing the depth of idol, this let him feel the entertainment company operators there is a great space for development. In recent years, in addition to the singer Hai Quan identity, but also involved in equity investment, he claimed to be the most concerned about the cultural and creative industries. Based on the "90", "95" after the artist recognition of the observation, he believes that in the opportunity of the Internet trend, is pregnant with a new opportunity, is to create a new pan entertainment artist Internet properties. He will be the couple are divided into two types, one is to "show" the new TV drama works by precipitation to obtain public recognition; and another is based on the "interactive" as the new, through interaction with the fans and users to accumulate and develop popularity. To a certain extent, the team will help achieve mutual transformation, a comprehensive new artist. On the same day, field and Hollywood famous screenwriter David? S? Roy, director Lu Chuan, Zhang Xiaobei, Yang Shupeng, Ma Boyong and other writers from all walks of life. Lu Chuan brings the new work "twenty thousand mile plan". He said that this is a target with the international market works, hoping to promote the film at the same time, you can also promote the game, animation, literature, integrated development. Served as the "Batman" screenwriter David? S? On the Internet to Roy Chinese film bring the change of interest. He said, in fact, in addition to movies, television, different media he has dabbled. No matter what the media in the work, the story is the most important content, how the protagonist is the most humane consideration. To impress everyone’s story is the most simple, such as "Batman" is the story of a boy growing up, "Superman" is more simple, is about a story of immigrants, from the planet to earth to immigrants, so can resonate in the world. The same day also adopted the "NEXT IDEA" program to support young film talent. (end)相关的主题文章: