Dalian Pu District 582 administrative law enforcement power on the streets of Dalian Pu District recently, deepen the reform of administrative law enforcement has taken a key step, 305 law enforcement matters from urban and rural construction, environmental protection, agriculture, market supervision and other departments all over to the Pu District City Management Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau, then delegated to the street enforcement brigade execution. At this point, Pu District Street enforcement team as an agency of the new city management comprehensive law enforcement bureau, responsible for a total of 582 items of administrative enforcement matters, the implementation level of law enforcement, in the exercise of the power of relatively concentrated administrative punishment at the same time, to achieve a historic transformation of social governance function to focus on street. Before the reform, the drawbacks of the subject of law enforcement, law enforcement power decentralization of administrative law enforcement system of the original, the good thing to embrace the power, encounter a bad thing around, people called this "the ten top hats also manage a straw hat". In view of this, Pu District pilot, in the province to carry out to the practice of law enforcement of administrative law enforcement right down the street, and the first step of reform: since the beginning of this year, 8 aspects will be Pu District City Management Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau of urban planning, construction, real estate, public utilities the law enforcement functions of all down to the street, neighborhood offices responsible for the jurisdiction of the administrative law enforcement and law enforcement team, initially realized the "top hats, good people". On the basis of good results achieved in the early practice, the administrative reform of the administrative law enforcement has been a key second step: combing the region’s administrative enforcement matters and put into the street law enforcement unit. 305 law enforcement matters include: decentralization of new laws and regulations of urban and rural housing construction area regulations all administrative punishment 292; social life noise pollution, construction noise pollution, construction dust pollution, catering services, open-air barbecue smoke pollution pollution, city garbage incineration of plastic asphalt smoke and odor pollution, open city the straw burning leaves and other dust pollution, the city fireworks pollution administrative punishment 8; to the city river and illegal dumping of waste and garbage soil, river city demolition of illegal buildings and other administrative penalties and enforcement power 3; outdoor public places, unlicensed illegal outdoor advertising administrative punishment 1 outdoor public places; sales of food and food stalls unlicensed, illegal drug trafficking and recovery of administrative punishment 1. After the reform, each street law enforcement brigade enforcement officers 15 to 40 people, the exercise of the power of relatively concentrated administrative punishment law enforcement team, except in the preparation of city management comprehensive law enforcement bureau, the relationship between the party organization and personnel relations, wage relations, social insurance and other benefits from all the street by street management, policy implementation.相关的主题文章: