Each section of the the Great Wall disappear are the "the Great Wall" digestion Sohu culture channel is located in Liaoning province Huludao city Suizhong County Yongan Bao Xiang Xiao He Kou Cun wild the Great Wall. September 20th is the 10 anniversary of the the Great Wall Protection Ordinance promulgated the day, the same day, the State Administration of cultural heritage in Beijing held an open class in the Great Wall, for young people to popularize knowledge of cultural heritage. But on the same day, one of the most beautiful wild the Great Wall by mortar, the 700 year history of the national recognition "of the post on the internet. Post mentioned in this section of wild the Great Wall, located in Liaoning, Huludao, Suizhong County, Fort Township, small mouth village. Post the photos show, this section of the Great Wall have been smoothed, broken wall completely fail to see. For the question of friends, Suizhong County Cultural Relics Bureau stakeholders expressed two meanings, first, not mortar, users do not understand the process; second, the renovation project approved by the State Administration of cultural heritage, reasonable and legitimate. Really so? We also have two questions, first, users may not really understand the repair process, can be a section of the original wild the Great Wall was repaired with the hardening of the road like, what is this process? But where the ancient building, pay attention to "repair old as the old", even better than the old, also cannot completely. According to the the Great Wall Protection Ordinance, the Great Wall repair should comply with the principle of not changing the status quo. The section of the Great Wall has damaged, shall carry out the protection of the ruins, not rebuilt at the site. In this case, Suizhong’s the Great Wall renovation is at least a failure. Second, of course, the State Bureau of Cultural Relics Bureau approval, but to find who to design, hire who to the construction, so what material, what technology is used to complete the local. So, Suizhong, don’t take this or the State Administration of cultural heritage, to review their own. According to the latest news, the Liaoning Provincial Bureau of cultural relics, said Ding Hui, really do not look good, we are also very tangled, because this is the only program developed by experts". According to the Secretary Ding introduced, the local adjustment program is being developed. The Great Wall not repair your fence, repair is not good to reinvent the wheel, how can such a trifling matter. This is the the Great Wall Department security protection force, because the further damage caused by improper repair the Great Wall, dereliction of small things, big things can not be too complex of cultural relics. Suizhong the Great Wall repair this problem, you can wait for the final solution of Liaoning province. But the Great Wall is no longer waiting for protection. In recent years, the destruction of the the Great Wall News reported frequently, whether it is thousands of years of natural damage, or recent vandalism, each section of the Great Wall is disappeared and the resolution of "Wanli", when one day, the Great Wall into thousands of miles, a hundred miles, the US security Department feel unworthy of history?相关的主题文章: