Enjoy the Coldplay CASIO EX-FR200 strong debut – Sohu is the University School season, as the originator of the self camera CASIO camera’s ZR series, in the [CASIO] = self brand positioning, launched a new camera in EX-ZR5500, CASIO inherited the excellent characteristics of self beauty, it is true with ultra wide-angle view meaning, easy for large range self 3 era scene. I believe it will become the majority of students in the school record time campus weapon. Happy travel travel a bit in the memories of a comprehensive record of ultra wide angle lens 19mm, make people more beautiful and more broad view in the past, self is a means of self, we pursue is how to put his face looks more beautiful; but in the self 3 times, we think more is how to friends and the surrounding scenery with a picture of that self portrait is not only as the majority, but the happy time record carrier. From the consumer point of view, CASIO configured for the EX-ZR5500 card machine in the premier ultra wide angle 19mm lens, so that the scene under the lens of a broader and more colorful, so that the vision is higher. (EX-ZR5500 shooting effect diagram) from a person’s self to a group of people group shot, EX-ZR5500 through ultra wide angle shooting mode, to share and everyone happy time together. Whether it is from the front or side of the shooting, and other card machine EX-ZR5500 can support more people at the same time into the mirror. But compared to the 25mm wide-angle shooting range, EX-ZR5500 photos have more background space, not the whole picture as a collective is too tiny. (EX-ZR5500 shooting Figure) wide-angle focus photos, recording the scene in the past, the unique taste zoom shooting, will lose the surrounding image, and through the unique EX-ZR5500 wide-angle focus photo function can capture a zoom showing the main highlight of high quality photos at the same time, a focus on its expansion and presented the main surrounding the background of the fusion wide-angle photos. Gently touch manual dial, select the zoom box size and the vertical and horizontal direction, half press the shutter can be fixed zoom view image; finally the lateral point position, can fully press the shutter, can complete the wide-angle focus photo shoot, interesting zoom animation files show. After the software is transferred to the smart phone, you can easily share in Sina, micro-blog and other social platforms. Let their animation help you attract the attention of friends. (EX-ZR5500 wide-angle focus photo function) when we travel commemorative photo shoot, with EX-ZR5500 long wide-angle view function can landmark figure behind the light into the mirror, "where to shoot" information. Or record charming beautiful scenery, and the use of visual animation form one by one, to share with friends. Lens reverse function, so that the self timer and group shot is no longer difficult CASIO digital camera’s TR series of mirror image feature has been widely acclaimed!相关的主题文章: