"Fate" to If You Are The One male guests and his son live knot solution – Anhui Channel – people.com.cn original title: "father and son" If You Are The One edge to the male guests on-site solution knot son blind, father to help out. On Saturday (October 1st) "to" If You Are The One stage, one of the barriers and years of dialogue with Taiwan, from do not understand each other to think aloud, eventually untie knots and said, "father and son will be harmonious to get along with." Huang Lei moved by sight made with big, "has long been the idiotic powder like my father, life for me to praise, then I realized, that he is a heart so big for me to grow up. I really think that praise is much more effective than pressure in father son relationship." "Am I your pride? Are you still worried about me?" The male guest tells the story of father and son male guests from Wuhan Li Zhi for many years has been engaged in the building materials industry, now has three companies, six stores, dozens of employees, annual sales of over 10 million, cause quite successful. Because the house is also doing building materials, all people think that he has everything is relying on his father. Li Zhi shared his experiences in school, primary school campus, spent four years. Parents are not around, he began to learn self-reliance, the heart becomes very strong, more and more strong character. Fifteen years old began to enter the society, working outside, their own exposure to the building materials industry. After a clear understanding of the building materials industry, Li Zhi decided to enter the industry. The work in his father’s shop after a period of time, he began his own. Early start completely on their own funds, a month of eating instant noodles, in order to save $three hundred on their own to move goods and freight delivery. But after a year in the shop, his father forced him to the store to the home of a relative, which makes him very angry. During the filming of Li Zhi’s personal short film, the father and son two people to talk about the matter is still very excited, even because of his father’s emotional control, resulting in recording interruption. Li Zhi said, in fact, I now do better than my father, but he is not willing to admit that this may be a contradiction between the two of us now. In fact, I would like to sing a song to his father, ‘I am your pride? Are you still worried about me? "" "Chinese type paternity" buzz "Huang Lei exposed idiotic powder like my father," most people think that there is a secret in China type in parent-child relationships: either to maintain the dignity of the father son be careful; either father down to a son getting stronger. A harmonious parent-child relationship is two people to have a weakness. Li Zhi’s father also came to the scene, often hear someone say, your son is really good. But I don’t think I can say that. I’m so proud of him. So I have been constantly suppress him, in fact, I also reflect on, change. Today, my son, I would like to boast about him, my son, I appreciate the most is that, in particular, a special sense of responsibility." Huang Lei puliao Road, "my father always like my idiotic powder, let me produce)相关的主题文章: