Meteorological station of Fujian province in September 28th 3 when 8 points continue to release the red typhoon warning signal Fujian provincial meteorological station in September 28th 3 when 8 points continue to release the red typhoon warning signal. Fujian province typhoon emergency alert: Typhoon No. seventeenth "catfish", today 03 time center is about 80 kilometers away from Jinjiang, the maximum wind level 12 (typhoon level). Expected, "catfish" moving westward at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour around the strength, will continue to weaken, at 28 am in the morning to Huian to Jinjiang along the coastal areas. Coastal gale: it is estimated that from 28 am to the daytime, the southern part of Ningde to the northern coast of Zhangzhou 10~12 gust 13~15 class, other coastal 7~9 class gust 10~11 class. Onshore wind: 28 am to the day, southern Ningde and Fuzhou, Pingtan, Putian, Quanzhou four City (District) gust 10~13, 9~11 gust of other coastal regions. The influence of rain: 28 morning to the day, the province most of the storm, heavy rain in the southern and coastal areas, local heavy rain. Warning: coastal workers pay attention to safety, close the coastal scenic spots.

福建省气象台9月28日3时8分继续发布台风红色预警信号   福建省气象台9月28日3时8分继续发布台风红色预警信号。福建省台风紧急警报: 今年第17号台风“鲇鱼”,今天03时中心距离晋江约80公里,最大风力12级(台风级)。预计,“鲇鱼”以每小时20公里左右的速度向西偏北方向移动,强度继续减弱,将于28日凌晨到上午在惠安到晋江一带沿海登陆。沿海大风:预计,28日凌晨到白天,宁德南部到漳州北部沿海10~12级阵风13~15级,其它沿海7~9级阵风10~11级。陆上大风:28日凌晨到白天,宁德南部和福州、平潭、莆田、泉州四市(区)阵风10~13级,其它沿海地区阵风9~11级。雨的影响:28日凌晨到白天,全省大部有暴雨,南部和沿海地区有大暴雨,局部特大暴雨。预警提示:海边作业人员注意安全,关闭沿海景区。相关的主题文章: