Fuzhou more than and 40 bus lines to suspend operations because of serious water road network September 15th news channel (channel reporter Huang Xiaoqun) this morning, the reporter learned from the Fuzhou public transport group, affected by the typhoon "Meranti", a number of main roads in Fuzhou city water seriously, and blocking traffic. 8 this morning, Fuzhou more than and 40 bus lines to suspend operations, and more than 10 bus to take the detour. Suspend the operations as follows: 8:00 outage: 5 road, 55 Road, 159 Road, K3 Road, 100 Road, 69 Road, 75 Road, 133 Road, 177 Road, 51 Road, 20 road, 62 Road, 102 Road, 117 Road, zoo zoo direction direction, 160 road and 87 road Forest Park Zoo, direction 54 road 72 Road, Forest Park Forest Park direction, 132 yuan, 63 Sen Lujing Road, 193 Road, 606 Road, 607 Road, 603 Road, 65 Road, 512 Road, 601 Road, 602 Road, 605 Road, 121 Road, 46 Road, 40 Road, 185 Road, 4 lines express Tourism 78 Road, 68 Road, 527 Road, 525 Road, 505 Road, 180 Road, 11 road Central Park Langqi direction direction to suspend operations. Bypass bus is as follows: 1, 17 Road, K2 Road, 28 Road, 2 Road, 23 road 61 road Fuxin road traffic police, massage hospital sections of water seriously, as the road around the turn return: 1, 53 road to the hot springs in the direction of Pingtung Xishan U-turn; 2, Ting Jiang mayor handle Road water seriously, 36 road 116, in the position of road 3, 91 road U-turn return; Jinshan kumquat fly road culvert U-turn return in the 4, 57 Lu Fu; Lianjiang Industrial Zone in the direction of water seriously, Lin Qiao station 5, 178 road U-turn return; Masson to the train station north square in the direction of the north square of the door 6, Fujian white U-turn return; line in the Kang Sakamoto Village 7, 87 road U-turn return; police academy, 132 road southeast eye hospital to start long Ken U-turn; 8, 76 two-way bypass Ping Shan, cancel the provincial government; 9, 153 Financial Street Road, Wanda grid in Jinji mountain tunnel, 52 road Cangxia U-turn; 10 in the direction of Foreign Trade Centre Hotel 11, 93 road U-turn; Fujian University of Technology 12, resumed operations; 152 two-way recovery 13, 23 road in the direction of the new world Europe Fu U-turns, the direction of coal hospital in the provincial government U-turn; 8:30 bus to resume operations, are as follows: 1, 55 Road, K3 road direction of University City station, 75 road and kumquat the house of Commons, 100 university, 69 Road, 159 Road, Lu Pu Pu direction gradually returned to normal operation 2, 21 Road, 90 Road, White Lake Pavilion direction to the station near the end point in the direction of Liang CuO U-turn return (channel network);相关的主题文章: