Guiyang will go to the province 16 colleges and universities and the introduction of talent to recruit talent market   5600 doctoral master of outstanding undergraduate — Guizhou channel — original title: recruit 5600 doctoral master outstanding undergraduate students in October 13th, reporters from the Guiyang municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau was informed that from October 14th onwards, Guiyang city will go to 16 universities outside the province and the talent market to carry out talents employment activities. It is understood that the introduction involving the city’s 156 departments, enterprises and institutions, intends to recruit 5600 doctorate or master’s degrees and excellent students to the development of Guiyang. It is understood that in order to implement the "CPC Guiyang Municipal Committee on big data for leading up to create innovative center city views" spirit, accelerate the construction of the platform, went abroad to recruit talent, recruiting talents, project activities Jucai cited three-dimensional network, accelerate the development of aggregation of talent big data industry. The specific time and place: October 14th (Friday) 9:0012:00 Ningxia University (Yinchuan); October 15th (Saturday) 9:0012:00 Beifang Univesity of Nationality (Yinchuan); October 17th (Monday) 9:0012:00 Lanzhou University (Lanzhou); October 18th (Tuesday) 9:0012:00 Northwest University For Nationalities (Lanzhou); October 20th (Thursday) 9:0012:00 Qinghai University (Xining); November 1st (Tuesday) 9:0012:00 Harbin Institute of Technology (Harbin) November 3rd (Thursday) 9:0012:00; Changchun Institute of Technology (Changchun); November 4th (Friday) 9:00 12:00 Jilin University (Changchun); November 7th (Monday) 9:0012:00 Northeastern University (Shenyang); November 8th (Tuesday) 9:0012:00 Dalian University of Technology (Dalian); November 21st (Monday) 9:0012:00 Sichuan University (Chengdu); November 22nd (Tuesday) 9:0 012:00 Chinese Chengdu talent market (Chengdu); November 24th (Thursday) 9:0012:00 Wuhan University (Wuhan); November 25th (Friday) 9:0012:00 China talent market in Wuhan (Wuhan); November 28th (Monday) 9:0012:00 Central South University (Changsha); November 29th (Tuesday) 9:0012:00 China Strait talent market (Xiamen). Participants can refer to the above time, the nearest place to participate in on-site recruitment activities, can not participate in the recruitment of the site can be directly click on the designated cooperation site Guiyang human resources network () for online resume delivery. In order to improve the success rate of the employer and the signing of the job, due in January 20, 2017, will go to the outside of the organization in Guiyang 2016 activities cited only landing signed meeting, interested personnel can request an invitation to the recruitment site staff, the province invited to build large data will meet in key industries such as talent, will be in accordance with the relevant the policy provides for travel grants. ((Yao Dong): Luo Lian, commissioning editor Chen Kangqing)相关的主题文章: